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2 More FREE LOGOS today!

Today I made 2 free logos, it's been a busy past couple months so I apologize for the lack of updates.

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ViroTech said...

When you have time, I still need the Save the Planet Organics logo.Thanks

chubrock said...

Looking forward to what you come up with for Long Island Baseball Directory. You can find it at

Thank you sir.

John said...

The World Carrot Museum still looking for an eye catcher! -

Needs a carrot (duh!) yellow background, optional tage line of "discover the power of carrots"

cht13er said...

I'm starting my own business in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada called "Kitchener EXCELeration". I'm a big soccer fan, so I'm going to be designing my website (next month!) to match a soccer league look, with simple high-contrast colours (like

The business I am starting is designing custom-build Microsoft Excel add-ins and programs that save my clients HUGE time and headaches - so "Kitchener EXCELeration" reflects both that (a) I use excel and (b) that by using my services, my clients can see dramatic growth due to automation of everyday tasks.

Thank you for whatever you come up with! Feel free to email me with any questions.

Kim said...

I am a jewelry designer and have just created a business name...
it is Lolo and Bird. Looking for something on the fancy and "flowy" side. Thanks!

sam relan said...

I would like to have a logo designed for a website which is focused on Pets. the site is called, and is a free community of all those who are dedicated to pets. Its a non profit website.
Thanks in advance,

lucia said...

i need one business logo. it's only free i will update that one .

lucia said...

i need one business logo (only free logo).

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bakar said...

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Architectse said...

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Maria Shaun said...

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Melissa Kathryn said...
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Melissa said...

Cool stuff.

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You get to customize the logo, but they do the work for you. It's similar to the HP service linked above, but more affordable than what The Logo Company has to offer. I've had really good results with them. =)

demotutorial said...

Great work on the virtual teacher logo design. Simple and gets the message across. I like the use of the apple icon :)

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almeda said...

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Michael said...

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