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John said...

The World Carrot Museum would love a logo - something with carrots and a globe and the words - World Carrot Museum, maybe circulating the globe.

Optional tag line of Discover the Power

uturnjoshua said... "Community of College Shirts" Tag line(Optional) - "Its not just a shirt Its a community"
This is a site to sell shirts to college students. For colors - be creative... PS can I get the art file when you are finished with it? That way I can screen print shirts with it.

Ashish said...

I also need a logo for . It would be really nice if you designed me a logo filled with graphics from games for my gaming site.

Thom said...

We build custom content management systems (and other software), using WordPress and Joomla. Our URL is We like the current color scheme of the site, and wanted a logo that could easily identify what we do. Thanks.

pathughes2004 said...

I am an Adult Birthday Party Planner. The name of my company is Las Vegas Birthday Bash. I provide Birthday Party Planning Services for all that would like to make their Birthday memorable by celebrating their birthday in beautiful Las Vegas NV. My website will be up and running soon - however - I need a logo not only for the website but for my marketing materials! Any ideas?

De Widi said...

I need logo for travel

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Shef said...

Thanks for sharing the logos do you have some more i was searching these for my site.

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Maria Shaun said...

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