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2 Free Logo Design Winners - January 24th 2008

Hello everyone,

Today I made 2 logos so we have 2 winners :)

Ways to use your logos
I'd like to remind everyone of the cool ways you can use your logos once you have them.
<-- I have three links here on the left, one of them is for free business cards. You only pay a small shipping/handling fee and you get 250 high quality business cards for free... I use them, they're from Vista Print. I recommend anyone to try them out, I'm very satisfied with mine. They also have other alternatives, free stamps, free postcards, etc. Click here for the free offer.

Vector Formats
Also, I realize that some of you may want vector formats of your logos. I'm currently looking for partners who do specialize in converting non-vector logos such as these into vector-formats. So if you are interested in getting yours vectorized, please keep a lookout for this add-on service or send me an email if you can't wait and I'll hook you up.

Today's Free Logo Winners.

Didn't get your Free Logo design yet?

If you didn't get your logo yet, please remember you can always re-request it or for those in big rush to get your logo, I recommend this service that allows you to design a professional logo for free and you only pay if you are satisfied with the end result. It's a neath little program by the computer company HP (Hewlett Packard). Click here to try it out.

Update on last post's info
BTW, in the last post I let you in on a little secret that the prices were going up for this great New Media platform... well we've just moved to high performance servers for the system which is costing a great deal more but in return is giving amazing performance for the members. Because of this change however, they've said that they will give affiliates a couple weeks to allow their people to signup at the lower rate before increasing it. This is not a lie or a scam, the price really is going up, it's already gone up once before, it will go from the current $39.00/month to $49.00/month. By trying out the system at for $1.00 for 30 days, you lock yourself in at the lower rate for life, should you choose to continue. For $1.00 really, you don't have much to lose and trust me, you have a lot to gain. This system is amazing. Thanks for those that already signed up. Use coupon code "ONEDOLLAR" to get the $1.00 trial and lock your special price in for life. Click here.

FREE LOGOS Counter: 305 ($30,500 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


evelester said...

I am looking for a new logo on

The theme that I will be using is going to be
(colors to be different of course)

Soooo, I need a logo that will work in the "TestBlog - Just another WordPress weblog" space on the new template.

Colors are open, I will end up designing the template based on the winning logo.

You will also get a link to your site/portfolio/wherever in the credits at the bottom!

evelester @ gmail . com

Jerry Sheehan said...

Hello Franco,

It would be great if you could create a logo for my blog page at,

This is my weak area when it comes to web design :(
Just using colors that would compliment the page would be fine and cool ideas for a scoop along with an xml tag
Your work is awesome!

Long Island said...

Looking for a new logo for the Long Island Baseball Directory.

A very simple black and white logo with a splash of red (maybe such as the seams on a baseball)

I would like to somehow incorporate the image of Long Island.


Long Island said...

Looking for a very simple logo for Long Island Baseball Directory

Black lettering
Splash of red (maybe the stitches on the baseball)
Would like to incorporate an image of Long Island.


jackholmes said...

Could you please create a logo for a wedding videography website

Appreciate your help!

My email is


Ish said...

Hi there. I am looking for a logo for my business blog on

Its an entertainment company basically which helps other business promote events, pr and also event management.

Colours are open.

If it can be done, please let me know on:

Ajmal said...

I am looking for a new logo on:

It is an online note sharing website for university students.

The logo should be in red letters and outlines. The description of the logo follows:

It should be a long "e" with the end of the tip of the E extending in a straight line so that the words "University Help" fit on that line. In the background (or overlapping the middle of the logo) should be a notebook spiral with scribbling in it (to indicate words or notes).

Jerry Sheehan said...

any chance of getting a logo for
can be any colors anything you like, I'll re-design the website around it :)

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manju said...

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James said...

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