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3 Free Logo Design Blog Update

Hi Everyone,

October 27th marked the 2nd anniversary of The Free Logo Blog. Here is an update of 3 logos to celebrate this occasion. This brings us to nearly 300 logos (298 to be exact) done in 2 years! All done at absolutely not cost!
If you haven't requested your logo, I urge you to do so, by filling out the form at the top of the site.

FREE LOGOS Counter: 298 ($29,800 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


Lorne W said...

You're very good at what you do. I will be very happy to pay for your services once my business is making a profit.
However, I'm busted right now.
I have an article directory domain that could use a logo...
TrafficBistro dot com


sam relan said...

There aint been a logo yet for my website, :( I requested as well. Am I being too eager?

sam relan said...

Its called :)

Eren ─░nan Canpolat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
supermom said...

Thank you so much, I really like it, you rock:)

Franco said...

To those that are upset that they haven't received their logo yet, I apologize but I get around 100 requests a month and do this on my spare time and I choose randomly which logos to do. If you are in a rush to obtain a logo, I offer paid logo designs and the are also links to other sites that offer paid logo design services, including

Franco said...

supermom... thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Enjoy! :)

Diet Review Board said...


I'd like a logo for my blog The name of the blog is 'Rabs to Riches'.

It's a play on 'rags to riches' since I'm know as rabs on most of the forums.

jack said...

Hi Ya,

You are doing a great job by proving dont need soo much money to get your own website .. and a amazing logos.... i have a logo request... Its

just i would like with the dj box with two disks for two Ps...

I know you would do the great job coz i have seen your work and i liked all of them.

Can you please make this logo and send it it

When our website is a success we would be happy to help your blog...

Thanks & Best Regards,

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inquitech said...

Nice to see, that was a interesting article.

Abella Ivan said...

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