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2 Free Logo Designs Blog Update

Hello gang,

Here are today's Free Logo Design. Please remember that you can always re-request your logo by posting a comments below, in this post.

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Raise or Fold said...

I have an affiliate site for poker. But i have no idea for a nice looking custom logo/brand for my site. My site adress: The colors maybe in the same greytones, white unique font withe a light glue effect? You are the pro..;) Any ideas for me.

regards Alexander

Curly0 said...
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Curly0 said...

I would appreciate it if you would design a logo for the name "Sitezooka", it is for a web app I am making which will be a site editor style thing, I'm fine at coding but shocking at any kind of design :(. If possible I would like it to be reasonably colorful (web 2.0 kind of style) so it would stand out on a plain black/white/grey background but not look out of place. Thanks in advance,

sabrinasmoneymatters said...
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sabrinasmoneymatters said...

I run a money matters website, and have a need for a logo/brand for mysite as it is growing, however slowly :). I would happily write about the logo you design, as I take delight in clueing my readers in on deals. I'm sure they'll all come running.

Thanks, I've toyed with using the first and last "s" as money symbols, but would like it to be very different than Shoemoney or any other well known blogs with S in their logos.

I don't have but a few colors on my blog so if you'd like the specific code for those colors, contact me and I'll send them your way.

Thanks in advance!

supermom said...

I love your blog and I think the service is cool. My address is

and just girly fashion mom stuff

Thanks if you can make a logo for that and I will link you:)

ryerson said...

i need a new logo re-design. same colours may be used (red/white). But in doing so i am afraid it wont look good when logo is transfered on black&white copy (e.g. invoice, donation form...)

Old logo can be seen on the website:

direct link for logo/banner here:

the organization is looking to "assist families and individual living on or below the poverty line to manage their money, take control of their finances with a view to eventually eliminating debt."

thanks in advance

sam relan said...

I would like to request a logo for my blog, which I call Kindly mail it to me at . The site is basically a blog and a photo gallery. About everything in India :) Thank you

Marie said...

Hi Franco!

I received a Logo from you during the WSO, and LOVED it!

I was hoping you could do another one for me, for a link back to your site of course! (I think this is a great service, so linking is no problem!)

The site I am working on is

I am just putting a basic site up until I get the logo, but the sooner you can have it done.....

I already have people asking about my services, so I need a site to advertise!

Anyway, my site offers proofreading and some writing services, so you can use your imagination a bit and see what you come up with.

I want it to look professional, so I can't wait to see what you do!



KaTina said...

I would like a logo with a butterfly or two in it. The name of my company is C&K Poetic Productions. I build websites. My favorite color is pink.

Gartblue said...

I would be greatly appreciated if you could design a logo for me for a site at

I sell compasses and the colours maybe greyish and dark greenish with Qiblat Compass lettering. I'm a klutz at designing ANYTHING at all and I owe you one, man!

Md. Zabed Hossain said...

A need a logo for autoparts company website.
Thse site is

charlotte said...

Dear Franco!
I really love your logo's, and it would be very very nice if you could make a nice one for me too... You can see the one I made myself at, my site is a help site for remarried parents. I want to change the colors of my site too, I would like them softer... More in touch with the theme.
And of course I'll credit you!!!

thanks such a lot


Thom said...

Hello, man, thanks for the logo, it looks awesome.

I was wondering if I could get it with a transparent background? Not sure if that's possible. Thanks again.

Thom Allen
My IT Career Coach

Kai Jai said...

I would love a log for my gossip blog spot, the name is...

Kreative Talk


phyzhoe said...

i need one for my tech site..i provide tutorials and computer tips and tricks to people..hope you receive my request...thanx if you give me logo for free..i will add u to my blogroll.huhu

depot discounts said...

I am so greatful for the work you did! I was wondering if it was possible to have that made into 920x150 as it gets overstretched :(. If not I understand as you are very busy. And agains thanks for everything!

Franco said...

yes, just send me an email franco (at) and I'll send you those dimensions.

Shaun said...

I would love a logo for my medical weblog. The title of the website is Miami, M.D. and the url is

Ainy Törnquist said...

Need a logo for a "company". just started not making any money yet. So if anyone can design for free, please contact me at

pankaj said...


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inquitech said...

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