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300th Free Logo Design! Did you get yours?

Hi Free-Logoers,

Today, we reach the amazing milestone of 300th free logo made for free via this free logo blog. 2 years ago when I started this blog on a whim, I had no idea the response would be so great so I thank you all for your participation. I now receive around 100 logo requests per month so if you have subscribed to the mailing list already and haven't received your free logo, please feel free to re-request it as many times as you wish via the comments section of the latest post.

300 Logos, that's a lot of free logos, if we attach a $100 value to each logo that's $30,000 worth of free logo designs!

Here are today's Logos

Because of the big demand, the chance are you will get a better chance of getting your free logo designed if you re-request it more than one time. Please bookmark this site and if you haven't received your free logo in the next update, re-request it. I understand that some people can't wait to get their logo design... over the years I have come across good resources to help you.

1.Free Logo Design Services -

Another high quality site provides {Free Logo Design} services to Companies and Entrepreneur's. They have 1'000's of Logos to choose from and let you pick the colors, text and design that is best for you. It only takes a few minutes to design a professional looking logo. Check out their vast selection of custom {Free Logos Now}!

2. There is also a service by Hewlet Packard Called Logo Maker which I recommend:
Create your LOGO in just minutes

FREE LOGOS Counter: 300 ($30,000 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


sam relan said...

I still didnt get mine :( three cheers india -

fairy-godmother-wv said...

I think I may have missed mine!
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Niya said...

Like the first logo design. A beautiful butterfly and nice fonts used in that logo. Loved it. Keep blogging. Thanks.

Essy said...

Looks good.. I should try .. Custom Logo Design

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