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Free Logos Batch 2 for my Warrior Friends :)

Here is batch 2 for today :) Keep them coming!

FREE LOGOS Counter: 180 ($18,000 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


Hardy said...


Great offer :)

I'll like several two logos please:



Marie said...

Thanks for the great WSO!

I would love to have a couple logos designed for me, and will be happy to post a link.

I currently have 3 blogs that I am focusing on:

I guess they all kind of speak for themselves - look forward to seeing your work.

And, thanks again, I really appreciate it!

D. Stevens Ardoin said...

Hi, Great offer!

I would love a logo for

Bj said...

Thanks for this really great wso. I have a few logos I would love to have done.



Links: said...

I definitely need a cool logo for my outside the box report.

also if I am allowed to request one more.
I never did get a chance to create a logo for that one. But if only one per person, the first one please. Thanks for this great offer to all the Warriors.

Sam Mancuso said...

Saw your WSO on WarriorForums. Would love a logo for:

Thanks much!

Sam Mancuso

Michael said...

I appreciate your generous WSO. I'd like a couple designed when you get time.

I really appreciate it.


IAN said...

Let's see how you'll create a HOT logo for:



I would love to promote you to my list if I like the output. Nice WSO, my friend! ;0

Ian del Carmen

Eric said...

What an exclusive offer!

Please help me design 2 of mine at:

1) (affiliate marketing blog)
2) (according to the name will do)

I'll hired you to design one of my site if I like it.

I really looking forward to your extraordinary beautiful design and THANK YOU!

Eric Tan

Jacek said...

Thank you for this great WSO. I will need logo for my domains : and

Thanks again


PS You may contact me via pm at warriorsforum =>jaceks

Kerri said...

I would like 2 logos please :



michael said...

What a cool WSO!
I amlooking for a log for a neww site in progress, the url is
and it stands for Do Anything You Would Like Rights.
Thanks Alot.

Karl said...

I love your blog and your work - very nice. I need a logo for my business - my website is but we'll be changing soon to our own url and look and feel of the page. Our business cards and pamphlets look similar to the page though - very clean lines, mainly black/black and white photography. Thinking very simple, like a G in the center with Gary Photography but I totally trust your judgment.

Terry said...

I would love a free logo - You have a super site set up and this is a great idea to promote it.

I am looking for a logo for

The Quick House Buyer


Terry Wygal

jim said...

Well I finally arrived here.

Great WSO.

A logo that I would like is related to online auctions. Or, if this is a problem jb-publishing.

Many thanks in advance,


mmason513 said...

What a great WSO. I've been needing a good logo and can't pass this up. It's for
A home and self security site. Thanks, Melanie

Johnboy said...

Great WSO. I would like a logo for a video report site.



PS How do we get the logo? Do you post to our warrior user?

Chris said...


Thanks for a great WSO!

I'd like a logo for:

It is a Theatre and Drama school for children aged between 5 and 16 years. I would like to use the logo for both the website and for use on t-shirts for the kids.

I envisage possibly a cool looking cat in the logo (possibly looking like he's performing) and maybe with the spotlights shining on him. It is important that the logo looks cool so that the boys would be happy wearing it on a t-shirt as well as the girls.

Is this a possibility?

Many thanks,

RD said...

I just read the offer on the warrior forum and rushed right over.

I could sure use a logo for some of my sites, so this sounds great.

For the Warrior offer I could use a logo for: - I was thinking colors of Red (#7F1519), green (#085D3C) and dark blue (#00024F).

If I could get another, I would be fine with putting a link on the site... for - Colors are #990000 and #CF9D2E.

Thanks again, great offer!


K said...

Franco. I already requested one, but would love to have a second one done also for:

IND Publishing

Thanks again. And the logos that you are posting are looking *great*!

uMoov said...


I just read your WSO over at the Warrior Forum! I rushed to your blog to check out your work and I must say you have an awesome talent!

Very unique and creative logo's!

I need a logo designed for my main company that all of my niche products and reports fall under called uMoov Media.

I would appreciated a logo designed for that company.

uMoov Media (

Total creative freedom is yours. I don't really have any exact ideas on what I want the logo to be (if had any ideas I would have probably already designed one myself).

Thanks so much! I appreciate your time and your offer!


Jim Kelley said...

I need a logo entitled,

Jim's Gems with a Diamond in the logo

Site will be

Thanks a million

Jim Kelley

Custom Imprinted Pens said...

I'm a warrior and would like to take you up on your free logo offer. Please create one for my site I sell imprinted promotional products on the site (pens, shirts, hats). I mostly use the colors blue and red on the site.



John said...

Howdy, Franco...

I like your work, and the price is excellent ;-)

I'd like a logo for: (esp. /blog)

Thanks for the WSO!

René said...

Great WSO and terrific offer!
I would like a logo for :

Many Thanks,

fabianlim said...

Hi Franco,

Saw your generous WSO offer in the Warrior Forum.

And saw your logo portfolio on your blog.

Simply awesome!

Would like to engage you to create two logos for us:

1) World Internet Academy – This will be an internet marketing membership site

2) Asia Internet Congress – This is an internet marketing seminar. Asia’s finest internet marketing event!

I understand you are offering free logo design to Warriors, but we are more than happy to pay you for your efforts and talent!



Seirawan said...


I would love a logo, maybe of like someone meditating or something like that but I very much trust your judgment and expertise, for my spirituality blog at

Thanks so much for this terrific offer! If I really like your work then I will likely start promoting you and your service to people that I deal with online.


Matt said...


Thanks for the offer. I'd like a logo for my site at with a subtitle of "Online Public Speaking Training."

As my site is a public speaking site, it'd be great if perhaps you could work a podium or a person speaking into the logo somehow.

Thanks again!


T. said...


Thanks for the Warrior Offer.

I would like two logos as well--if you don't mind.

Thanks again for your hard work,


T. said...


I saw your generous WSO offer in the Warrior Forum.

I would love it if you could create 2 logos for the websites below.



Thank you,


Maddog's Profiles said...

I would like a logo for my logo with a bulldog head and the words Maddog's Profiles for my website please.

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Anna.T said...

Too good to be true , (if you are good)
Preparying for my site and would like to have a logo for my coaching site that I am just starting.
(not my own site yet)
(was thinking a butterfly or freedom sort of symbol)


supersexyboy90 said...

great offer
i would like one for my gaming site: who says "Gamestaken" i hope u can

bryan said...

That's really cool logos i love it.

Roof Ventilators said...

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