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Free Logos Batch 1 for my Warrior Friends :)

Most Free Logos requested today are from the Warrior Forums which had a special offer just for them :) that doesn't mean the regular visitors to the free logo blog can't post their logo request, by all means, do so! :)
Ok so here is the first batch of free logos, to see the full size, please click on the logo.
Keep them coming friends!

FREE LOGOS Counter: 175 ($17,500 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


Bob said...

Would love to see a Logo for:

I am days away from launching this
small town community / business directory site.

Fellow Warrior

trafficseeker said...

Would love a logo for:

Michael Mayhew

Abundance Law said...


Great WSO. Would love a logo for:



Ray said...


Great offer.

My web site is

It's an information site on healthy weight loss

I'm happy to provide a link too!


David McGimpsey said...

Hi there,

I would love to get a logo for my Japanese learning blog.

Warrior: David McGimpsey

Adam said...

Hi Franco,

Thanks for the great WSO.

I would love a logo to be used on all my internet business theme sites with the "Insider" brand (the domains all have this word included).

A web 2.0 look would be nice, feel free to let your creative juices flow.

The logo you design would be included in the header graphics of each website.

Thank you.

Insider Marketer

Chris said...


Would need a Logo for:

The site is down at the moment though. It's gonna be a health portal for modern, busy lifestyle people to get health tips quickly n easily.

Fellow warrior, Chris

K said...

HI Franco. Would love a logo for:

Will use it in blog header, and also branding for reports, products, etc.

Thanks for the great WSO!

Kathleen said...


I'd love to have a logo designed for my blog, located at:

Thanks for your generous WSO.

~ Kat Bartone

Tony said...

Cool wso! I would like a logo for It should have "Evans Carpentry & Home Improvement" in text and maybe a hammer and framing square graphic or whatever you create, I trust your creativity.

Jean Patton said...

Very generous offer - Thank You.

I distribute gourmet, environmenally friendly candles and all natural bath & body products & would like a logo for my blog

crzydiamnd said...

Just wanted to leave a comment on the logo for "".
Excellent work and great design. It was much more than I expected, your work is highly effective and professional.

Craig said...

Hi Franco,

Thanks for the great WSO!

I need a web2.0'ish logo for a new site:

tagline: We put E Z in Recipes!


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