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Free Logo Design Batch 3 for my Warrior Friends :)

Here is another batch of FREE Logo design! Click on image for full size.

Keep them coming. Might be a bit slower now that it's the week and I'm busier but I will get them done, I promise so keep the request coming and please spread the word to your friends that can use a free logo!

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Team4Success said...

I would like a free logo for my domain since I would use it inside my free mrketing toolbar.

At the moment I only ue the short word I-M-O without any graphics.



Ray said...


My company name is Reclaim Your Life

I run health and fitness programs for people with Heart Disease and Diabetes.

I'd like it to have very uplifting theme.


Christine said...

Hi! I'd really appreciate a logo for "Work At Home Ideas" (.com). Thanks so much!

John said...

I would like to have a free logo for my company

John Marketing Solution


adeline said...

I would like to have two logo for my sites:

Affiliate Centric - internet consulting company with primary focus on affiliate marketing

Chart Idols - internet music site for Asians to submit their compositions (original lyrics and music)


Fan said...

Great deal! I would love one for my electric guitar tips website:

Fake Guitar


Robert frost said...

I am running a website in the "runners niche". I would appreciate if you could design a logo for me. My website is at


SAP_PS_JOBS said...

I want a logo for my company Progment infotech Pvt Ltd

I want my logo
Progment on first Line and
Infotech Pvt Ltd. on second line.
a tag line as every step towards success

ChristyK said...

I'd love a logo for my site at (Internet Marketing Organized). Don't worry about matching the current colors - it was just a mood I got into one day :).

I'd also appreciate a logo for my site at I just took it down to rebuild it with WordPress so your timing is great for a new look for my new design. I can tell you the site purpose via email if you need it.

These will both be related to your niche and I'd be happy to provide a link back from both as really like your designs.

Thank you!


Ron said...

I would love to have you design a logo that we might use for our new organization ""

Looking for something that captures the importance of safeguarding our children in a variety of ways.

Thanks for the generous WSO.

Dr. Ron Capps (drjazz800 and NicheProf in the forum)

domainnameregister said...

Could I please get a Logo for my membership site -


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Mr.Kar said...

hey please design a logo for my is a social networking website...
Tarak Kar