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Free Logo Design Batch 4 For Warriors

Here is the next batch of free logo designs, 10 more... thanks for the great response and all the kind compliments, it's very much appreciated. Please spread the word about the free logo blog :)

This marks an important milestone, the 200th free logo design done ! Weeeee.
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Dan Klatt said...

Hi Franco,

You said to keep them coming :)...

You designed the WealthSensei logo for me, which I really like, thank you!

Could you design another one for me, using that one and adding "Ask The" to the top of it, so it looks cool?

That's a separate site I have, for people to submit questions for my "Ask The WealthSensei" column.

Thank you,

Dempsey said...

Congrats on 200th logo design!

Wondering if I could get one for - with a slogan of Light scribe Images. And maybe a lightscribe cd image or cd image or something, dunno. I'll leave it up to you :)

Dan Klatt said...

Hi Franco,

I went back to my site and saw how "1990's".

It majorly needs a redesign :)

Would you mind giving me a logo for it?

I was thinking something that shows a man and woman hugging, up close around their faces, with the back of the man's head and the woman obviously very in love, happy, her eyes closed.

To convey that this is something you deserve and can have to, a Healthy Relationship.

Thank you,

Adam said...


Great logo work btw!!

Could I get a logo for ?

It's going be a site where users can pick and discuss they're faveourite superheros, so could the logo just have something superhero about it? Not a clue what tho!


Jean Morgan said...

Could I have a logo for please.
I like the ones I saw already.

Steven said...

I have a social networking website for military members, veterans, family and friends.

Site Name: My Duty Station

Site Url:

Social Networking website for military, veterans, families, friends etc.

The basic colors are white and RGB: #006699

Design idea, none.. I suck at design.

I would be more than happy to place a few links on the site in various places. Thanks

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