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Logo Designs & Update for 27-07-2007

Hello everyone! I once again stand before you apologetic for the lack of updates :) ... your free logo dude is getting busier by the minute... this time however I'll try and make up for the lack of updates by making 2 winners instead of 1... please find both logos below.. I hope you like them :)

One project that has been keeping me very busy is one where I am managing all the technical support and development. It's an exciting Blogging / CMS solution for non-techies to launch and manage fully-fledged Web 2.0 presence. I say that it's for non-techies but really, it's so powerful that everyone should be using it... I know I will be using it myself to build some ideas that I am working on in the background.

Sure I'm biased but you don't have to take my word for it, you can see all the other raving testimonial this product is getting from not-so-biased people :) ... the service is still in beta launch and there is a $1 - 30 days trial going on right now for the first 500 users ONLY... the spots are filling up fast... those of you looking for the next big thing to build your web presence need to do yourselves a favor and invest the $1.00 ... take it from your free logo guy, I promise you will NOT regret it. And hey, once you signup, send an email to the technical support to say hi to your free logo buddy :)

Ok here are today's 2 logos :) (don't forget to click for full sizes)

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dkbook said...

Hi Franco,

As always fantastic work. I am very grateful to you for the logo you designed for me some months ago. Keep up the great work - no one will mind if you do not update every day.


mitpatterson said...

my website is
i would like a logo that has my name of my company witch is Mitch's Computer Builder's and my website url that says visit us online at .... and mabey a picture of a computer, and if possible (this is only if you have room) but "Custom Built Computers as Unique as their owners" and if you could provide to logo's one fairly high resolution and the other a lot lower resolution so it is a smaller file.

You have a great website

Mitch Patterson
Mitch's Computer Builder's

Franco said...

Thanks David.. I'm glad you like and hope you are getting some use out of it :)



whizzkidsfootballacademy said...

hello franco, I was so excited the day i find your site! and I just
read the notes you send to me now, and i am hoping that you can help
me in the design of a character logo for my website and my letter Head
I need a logo for my football academy,called whizzkids football
academy. My website is still under constructions. I'm looking for
something that looks technical, but simple.i Would love to
incorporate logo design in with the services I provide with your help!
i need something like this but more more beautiful than it.
i want a logo that has a soccer player runing out the fire with ball..

i hope to here from u soon..
thank you.


david said...

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