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Free Logo Design for 12-06-2007

Today's Winner is bellow. Keep the posts coming and keep spreading the good word about this crazy guy that is designing logos for free! :-)

Hope you like it :)

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Kylinsmom said...

LUV IT! Thanks soo very much! This is going to look awesome on my business cards. I will recommend you to EVERYONE I know! God bless!

Ali said...

Hi, I need a logo for my site. You can visit my site at, I want a logo with the words AAP that make up All About Pak. I have put an image link for your blog on the home page of my website, you can see further details by visiting my site. I am not very creative in terms of graphics so i am unable to give you much details about my requirement about the logo. But since you are very experienced, I leave it to u to decide which logo would suit my site. I want it to be a serious, proper and fresh looking logo, but no cartoons etc. please.
I am waiting for the logo now. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I need a logo for my site. The site name is L.I.P. Inc
This group is a place for all races to come together and speak there mind about what's bothering them in there culture. In this group nothing will be sugar coated. We will all be up front about issues concerning us today. I hope that description helps. I need a logo that represents all races. My site is
if you have any questions please feel to email me @

4YNG said...

First off let me say your work is top notch and I appreciate you taking the time to read my request!

My Site:
Site Name: Penguin Zone
Site Slogan: Destination : Chattanooga

My site deals with Youngstown State Sports; our mascot is a Penguin and our colors are Red and Black.

If you could do something with a sports-esque logo that would be great. My site deals mainly with college football, but again its a fan site so you can decide what you want.

A few logos I really like are the Spokane Shock and the Columbus Destroyers; in case you weren't sure what I meant by a sports-esque logo!
My email:
It may be best for you to email me if before you begin if you take up my request. That way I can be with you step by step to get the best possible logo!


4YNG said...

I Wanted to add, in case you were wondering, I added an image banner link to your blog on my site. Go to advertisement under the banner and it should pop up in 4 refreshes *the number of advertisements I have on there*


Rob Qua said...

Hi! I want a FREE logo design for my new company. Please send logo to

Nature of Business: Distribution Company for Consumer Products (like Internet & Phone Cards, Vitamins / Supplements & other imported products)

Preferred Color Scheme: RED-VIOLET-BLACK

Design Style: Modern & Formal

*Note: It would be nice if you can somehow incorporate "figure 8" design pattern since 8 is a lucky number in Chinese.

Name of Company: Topnotch Convergence Distributions, Inc.


Robinson (Manila, Philippines)

James said...

I am starting a business in a post Katrina area of Louisiana that will incorporate physical therapy, athletic performance training (which will include speed,strength and agility training) as well as baseball/softball specific training.
The name of the company will be The Next Level Performance and Rehabilitation Center or The Next Level PRC or NLPRC.

I am looking for something that depicts the ultimate pursuit of perfection, getting to the next level no matter what it takes. Something that emmulates motion or a journey. I would like to see bold bright colors but not orange or yellow.

I am anxious to see something that would depict my business and have been discussing the project with local companies when I found your site. It would be great to see what you could create as your logos look outstanding! Thaks for your help!

Abel said...

Hey can you make a logo for Deliver That? Its a P2P delivery service. Let meknow what you can do. my email is Thanks!

Abel said...

By the Way, The Logo should Say "Deliver That" and its a P2P delivery company.


ArilyImmortai said...

Hello My name is Arily and I was hopeing to get a logo from you. Its great you make them for free because it's hard to start a busniess with no money lol and i want to start it off and with the money I make build it up. Now If you can help me by making a logo that would start me off to a good start and when I make money i'll will donate some cash! I would like a logo that symbolizes business growth My business is a home business the offers webcasting, Web design, and packages to start your own biz working with people to sell their talents to help you profit. now i would like a the logo either orange, blue or green or all three like my site here is the link as you can see the letters W.O.W are cap in the title of the site Just like World Of Warcraft the game lol. So maybe if you can build on that, that would be cool like WOW maybe each letter of the 3 colors I mention or if that looks too kiddie then maybe a network globe, or a tree to show growth.( I feel really bad telling you what to do lol) something small and simple . with the slogan like "build with us" ummmm Im not good with these lol ummmm or if you can help me make one up that would be good something that wont get us sued lol Thx check out my site and if you feel you have a good idea I say go with it and can it look serious not cartoonish even tho I love your logos lol remenber something small tho I will tell everyone about this site! Thanks! Arily

Anonymous said...

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