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Logo Design Winner for 31-07-2007

Here's today's winner. I don't usually provide high resolutions of the logos on here because they are generally only for web-use. But I was in a good mood today :)
Here is the high resolution version

Here is the lower resolution:

Keep the requests coming, mitch was the only participant for this draw! :-)

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nishadh said...

Hey Franco,
You've got a great blog here.

My site is,, where you can get free scripts like php and java scripts.
I need a logo that looks well with white background, for the header.

With regards,

Media said...


Please come back when you have your website live that way you can put a link to this blog on it :)

Brunette said...

I'd like a logo for a white background... colorful logo, brunette female sitting in a chair or lounge, in a room - it can be with books or windows or something like that.

SOAPsDISH Author In Obscurity said...

okay...I posted my original request in the 2005 posts..As you can see I need help! Hello, I'd like to have a logo for my blog and website. Something comical, a bar of soap watching tv, typing on a computer. Something along those lines. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Allie said...

Hi, need a logo for my blog "My Wardrobe Today." Something simple, fashion-related. Blog is cream with teal and black text and I am utterly at a loss. Maybe a woman's face with lipstick, very girly with the words next to it?

marketing said...

Hey Franco,

Great offer. Thanks! I'd like a LOGO for a new site I'm launching "Surefire Sponsoring"

Something that fits with the concept of "surefire success" maybe a cartoon character look would be good... whatever you can come up with.

Site is still under development, but here's an image that'll give you an idea of "look & feel" of the site:


M. Alexa Peters said...

Hi Franco,

I just saw your offer in the WSO. I would like a logo for a site that I am building called I am an Internet search fanatic,so I will post answers to how-to questions.

I want the logo to be fun and yet reflect the seriousness of some of the questions that may come to me.

Even though it is not required for WSO, I will post a link to you in my directory of resources. I have no problem generating business for someone who creates great work!

I look forward to my new logo!

Ken said...

Hi Franco,

Just was your great offer on the Warrior Forum. Can I please have a logo for my website at


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