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Free Logo Design for 27-05-2007

Sorry for the delay folks, your free logo guy is keeping busy :) ... but please keep the request coming as I've noticed a decline in the number of requests...the more requests there are, the more I am inclined to sit down and do some free logos :) ... so please help me by mentioning this blog to people you know or any other way so we start getting more requests :)

All that being said, here is today's logo... I hope you like it.

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Kylinsmom said...

Hello! Just stumbled upon your site, and you have a great idea going! I have added a text link at the top of my homepage for your website. If I get picked, I would love for a logo that reflects my website "Lille Punkin' Reviews". I deal with product reviews for children and baby products, so maybe a baby pumpkin, pumpkin in a diaper, something cute that combines families with pumpkins. Thanks so much for entering me!

My website address is

jann said...

hi - i am just starting the building of my site, which is why i was out searching for logo ideas... i have an idea of using a cartoon ant pushing an 'orbit' in front of him for a design - but i am really open to any of your creative ideas! dream away!!

Library Lady said...

Franco, I have a logo from you and I love it. (In fact, it's the picture seen here!) I would really like to get it resized so that I could use it as a banner. Could you contact me and let me know if this is possible and what the cost would be? Thanks!

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