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Hello All,

This isn't a free logo post, I will try and get time to do another one very soon for the person very kindly waiting on me to do them a logo :) .. .This post is to give good news that I have my first sponsor ever for the blog, their banner is at the top and will remain there until the end of January or possibly longer if they are satisfied with the exposure. Some people may ask, why do you accept a company that designs logos to advertise on your website since you do this yourself? Well... I figure people will visit different companies before getting their logo designed anyways and every designer have a different style so if I'm style isn't up to your taste... check them out, their rates are reasonable:

Thanks, you help keep my free logo idea going. If any other companies are interested in advertising, I can put another banner in the right hand side column or you can inquire about advertising at the top also, but only one banner will go at the top at a time, so you would be in queue until there is room there. Please contact me for any advertising opportunity on my blog, these advertising are what will help me keep this free logo blog going. Other advertising opportunities including have your link displayed in the side column, this is good for SEO... many sites link to this blog so having your link there will help your own search engine placings.
My email is franco at dot com
replace at with @ and dot with . and remove any spacing :), this is so the spam bots to spam me to death.