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Free Custom Logo Design for 17-12-2006

Today's Free Logo Design winner is "rewards4clicks" ... I couldn't do the exact request, however I still did something with some of the ideas you gave. I hope you like it anyway.

For everyone else you always get a logo at 75% off my regular price, contact me to take advantage of this OR simple participate again (post another request, there is no limit as to how often you can participate) if you'd like to try and get a free logo.

($15,200 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)


sara said...


NO WAY!!...seriosly? WOW!! yipeee!! ahhh, I cannot believe myself...ok, pinch me...

ouch...that hurt! that mean is for real!!!

I am very happy...I mean super-duper happy!!!

FRANCO, my "dear artist", I will never be able to thank you enough...THANK YOU, + a million times thank you.

you are awesome...look at that marterpiece, cool, huh?

I don't mind at all your version of my "dream logo", really nice you capture my idea, he, he...

My online partner love it too, and as we promise we will in fact also, add another link to your blog somewhere on our ptr homepage and you should be able to see it as soon as we lauch...which will as soon as we finish...building it!! l.o.l. (i will post back here, to let you know when that happen)

FOR EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS: Franco got "skills"...and those skills are worth paying for...!! Hire him!! He will rock your world too!

and I hope we can keep in touch sometime... -team

Franco said...

Glad you liked it. Enjoy. Spread the word :)

Taradab said...

Ha, ha, Sara, are you by any chance happy with your win, LOL? Congratulations to you; I can't tell you how ecstatic I am that you guys won...I'm utterly thrilled, WOOHOO. And I am so glad that you love the design Franco did for you, too. See, I told you he was worth checking out, eh? Was I right or was I right?! I seriously wish everybody would at least come on over and take a boo because if they don't, heck, they don't even know what they are missing out on. Oh, btw, it's me, Tara, from Dizzy Dough forums (hello to you too, of course, Franco). Well, Sara, it now looks like you are real close to taking the next step for your PTR so when you are ready just let me know and I'll give you some more direction there as well (if you still need it). Again, a HUMUNGEOUS, ENORMOUS, TREMENDOUS "CONGRATULATIONS" to you. Oh, and for your info, I think your design absolutely rocks, too. That will be one cool logo...guaranteed! Good going Franco; we knew you could do it, (you are absolutely amazing). No doubt with your talent your business will just keep getting bigger and better. Keep up the great work; it keeps all of us happy...wheee!

Anyway, I'd better go. Christmas morning and here I am because I am to darned excited to sleep. What a cornball I am, LOL. Just like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Christmas. Oh well, I guess that is "the kid" in me so that's just the way it is. MERRY CHRISTMAS and SEASONS GREETINGS to one and all.

Tara :)

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