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Free Custom Logo Design for 10-12-2006

Today's Free Logo Winner is "afcook" I modified the colors a bit.. particularly the green on the leaf... I found the green you supplied a bit too hard on the eyes, I darknened it slightly. I would suggest you change it on your site too. Here is the color used: 04a004

Here you go, hope you like it. Also if you decide to use it... the rules of my site are to put the link or banner on the home page of the site that you will use the logo on... I did the logo anyways but if it's not possible to put it on the home page, perhaps the footer somewhere and it has to remain in the links section, perhaps use on the the bigger icons, anything you can do is appreciated.

For everyone else you always get a logo at 75% off my regular price, contact me to take advantage of this OR simple participate again (post another request, there is no limit as to how often you can participate) if you'd like to try and get a free logo.

($15,100 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)


Rabia said...


Thanx for the logo. I absolutely love it. I've changed the green color on my site like you recommended and put your link on the footer as well as Links page. Can I beg you to insert an 'A' between the leaf and 'f'? Some ppl might confuse the leaf as an 'o' or a 'q'.

Well, anyway if you don't have time, that's ok. I'm just grateful for the professional logo you've done for me. If my business becomes successful, I'm changing domain names and then I'll buy a new logo from you.

Thanx again! ;-)

Franco said...

Glad you liked it. Sure, I've made the modifications.

Rabia said...

Wow, you're the best. Thanx ever so much. I hope you become a millionaire. Yippie!

sara said...

hello, franco!!!

How u doing...? My name is sara.
I am amazed by your skills!! I admire it!!

Someone had refer me to you for a free logo request. Honestly,
I hesitated first because, come on, "free" so I was thinking it will be a lame, i check you out and it was a nice surprise.

Now I am really ,really begging you please, pick me for your free logo design...I am broke...I mean, my partner & me, are BROKE, but still want to build and launch our very own PTR, we need YOU, to desing our logo. We promise that in exchange, we WILL add your link permanently very clearly on our home page...but you won't be able to see it until we're open for business (lauch the site)...expecting to lauch at the most, at the end of january...then it will your link there for all the world to see & us we won't forget the all!!

The PTR site name is: "rewards4cliks" .com
is about making money, by completing tasks...
so, we want the logo to work around that name and then the site desing working around YOUR logo desing...please, please, we are desperate...!

ok, ok...I continue with the description of our view: no frames around the image (open air) with and arch on top of the image reflecting our site name, rewards4clicks but written like this: Reward$4Clicks
all the letters on red, but the $ (money) sign which we wanted in the green of the money...
as for the image: a guy, dressed in funny pijamas, sitting in front of his PC, clicking with the mouse, something on the Pc screen (maybe a little gibberige drawing inside the pc screen) to add effect and also,little $ (money)signs coming out of the pc, every time he clicks on the mouse...can you picture it??
we hope so, the colors on the image?...well, after all you are the ARTIST ... you make the best choices of colors for it (anything will do for us)...

we need an artist, like you to desing our "dream logo"
...but we need it 100% FREE!

we will appreciate this "favor" very much...

warning: if you don't pick us, well...i guess we're going to have to keep e-mailing you, posting on your many times...that you will be having nightmares of us, begging u to do this for us for free...L.O.L.!

please, have some mercy on us...!!

looking foward to hear from you...sometime in this lifetime...!


sara said...

hi, me again...sara
i bet you still not even, reading my first post...better yet, though, because i like to add this:

i keep thinking on your exchange link, that will take a little longer to be posted by the lauch date, on my PTR site (which is where the logo will be use on)...

so, i guess it won't hurt me at all, if this help us anyway... for u to pick us to be the winners of the first place on your next "sweepstakes"...

i just, will add a link to your blog on my main site, somewhere on the home page. so, by the time your reading this hopefully, i already had the time to post your link on my site, you may want to check it out:

let me know if this pleased you enough...anything for you my "dear artist"...i can even keep it permanently "somewhere" there and ALSO, on the uncoming PTR site...


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Villiam said...

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