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Free Custom Logo Design for 3-12-2006

Hello free logo-ers :)

Today's winner is "Mike's Giant Boy Universe"
I hope you like it. Keep the requests coming people.
Today's logo marks the 150th free logo made!

($15,000 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)


Mike said...

Very cool, thanks a lot!

Rabia said...

Hello, please design a logo for my business. Here is my amateur version of the LOGO (My drawing is really hopeless. I desperately hope you have the time to design my logo) The symbol is a coffee bean on a water-drop shaped leaf with a curl on leaf-tip and the whole thing looks a bit like a small letter 'a'. Business name is and motto written in smaller letter below the name is 'Quality caffeine supply and accessories'. I'd really appreciate it if you'd make it look a little more 3-D (like the blue buttons on which your site mascot doggy is hopping on). Colours are
leaf = #00BF00
coffee bean = #800000 (hex)
Writing = #800000
Please feel free to make whatever changes you feel will look better. I've already put your blog's button on my site. You can check it out at the
Thanx a heap. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. Please share any comments or advice about my logo/website colour and design etc.


george said...

Hi Franco,
Are you interested in selling advertising space on this blog? If so email me at

Apollo Equipment said...

I'm finally opening up an e-bay store after selling over 100 items this past year. I sell heavy equipment, beauty supplies, clothing, collectibles, and more! The store name is "can't make up my mind-I want it ALL" I was thinking a cartoon version of me running around with or grabbing some cartoon type images of the main stuff that I sell. check me out at hope you can help I love your work and will add your link to my store and my listings!

teena1282 said...

Hello, I've just added your link to my site. You can see it at I checked to make sure the link is working. About my logo, well, i have no idea what it should be. : ) I sell electronics of all kinds, and the main color on my site is orange with white and black text. I guess this is one of those times when you can let your creativity shine through! I'm sure that you can come up with something wonderful. Please, let me know and feel free to email me if you need to at Thanks, Teena

teena1282 said...

Hello, this is Teena again. Actually, since the last time I wrote, I've done some work on figuring out what I would like for a logo. Your link is still on my homepage My main color is dark orange (R: 255, G:140, B:0, HEX: FF8C00). The writing is plain white (font: KIRSTY), with 1 pt. black outline. Maybe something with a TV or other electronic. Thanks, Teena

Tiffany Newcomer said...

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