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Free Logo Design for 27-11-2006

Hi Everyone,

Today's winner is EzFurnitureAssembly, I hope you like it :-)
Keep the request coming, I am very busy lately as can you see updates are sometime a week or two appart but I am doing my best to do some logos as soon as I have a few minutes available. The best way to ensure you get your logo is to have the link available on your site when requesting your logo... because sometimes I only have a few minutes free, I go to do a logo only to find out the requirement of having a link on the site hasn't been met... then it might only be a week later until I have time to do a free logo again :(
That being said, please keep the request coming, the more the better, and if you don't get yours after your first try, don't give up, make a nother post requesting your logo :)

($14,900 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I write stories for a small but growing niche community of teenage giant boy stories. Well, I'm only 14 and I own a small site featuring my works and such at
Though, it is currently down for rebuilding. The reason why I came to you for help, is because a good friend of mine who used to design logos and banners for me, betrayed me and we are not speaking to each other anymore. I came here to see if you could create a logo for my site.I have no money to spend my friend, this is because I am only 14 years old and its already hard enough trying to keep a website running. I have placed the link to your site on the bottom left, and also when my site is rebuilt I will include the large animated icon link to your site on my links page.

As for what I want, it may seem a little odd. But then again, I am an odd person. I would like a planet earth picture with a footprint in it, and then somewhere on the logo (I am not picky where) I want it to say MGBU and/or "Mike's Giant Boy Universe". Our colors are black, lime green and white, though, you can use any color you want for the logo. I only request that it is on a black background.

I would really appreciate you helping me out here, thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks sooooooo much!!! The logo looks a Tony the tiger style " GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEAT!! I can't wait to get it up on my site, and send it to the printer for our posters and flyers. This is what a "real" company needs, and I owe you. I intend to put your link on all my sites nad include a TY on our blog. Keep up the great work!!!!
EZ Furniture Assembly

Franco said...

Cool.. always happy to hear people are happy with their logo. Enjoy.

webmaster said...

Hi. I am the webmaster of and i am really in need of a recogniceable and nice logo for my website.

I have a website slogan that is : The Pursuit of Poker Perfection - and i also have a "bi-slogan" that is : Play well - Be Well.

Theese are both or separately things that can be used in the logo and i thoght of getting either some cards, chips, players etc to be in the logo. Also the "3" is of course a replacement for "www" (3w) and if the "3" nr in a way could lie "on top" or in a way be implemented in the "w" so that it would form a "logo button/image/site recognized by it"..

Hmmmm,, hope that became "understandable" lol. Anyway i really would be glad if you could help me out to get a logo forr my site. I have put your site here inside my weblinkpages already and if it turns out a logo of this i will add he smallest banner to the footer on my index permanently.. (got about 1000 -2000 unique hits per 24 hour).

Thanx a lot if you can help and i'll be back to check out in a couple of days then :)


Cecile said...

I posted about you on my blog - I would love a logo for my website I have used a lot of tulips and flowers, but it is a home business site and should reflect that. The motto Best Home Business Resource. I tend to use the colors, pink, black and gray.


webmaster said...

Hmmm,, i am taking down the linking - this thing just aint working lol - Don't expect to get any replies or anything else but spam due to needing to reg to a mailinglist here. Why put up a site like this? For selling peoples e-mails i guess. If i sign up,, no prob if i aint get a logo, but please remove some of my expectations by telling werry simple that you got no time for a logo...

Well i for shure made shure i wont get any logo now lol,, but damn i get supissious when people want a lot of services back for absolutely nada - 1link, sign up to a e-mail account and even create the google acount through this site,, hmmmmmmmm,,, watch out here folks.. this might not be such a COOL site as it pretends to be -- Good luck in continuing - this site gets nothing more for free for me (links reviews etc)


Franco said...

You got it all wrong. Please see the instructions at the top of the page. If you don't win the logo for the time you posted, you can re-post your request. I would love to do a logo for you site if you win the contest, you only participated once and didn't win, you can repost it if you'd like.
I don't send spam and don't sell any email addresses, I would never do that. My mailing list is with which doesn't tolerate anything like that.
I'm not also sure what you are talking about a google registration but I don't require that anywhere.. blogger requires that to post comments, not me and you registering on google though my blog has absolutely no benefit to me that I know of.
Also, I do this for free, this site doesn't bring me enough to live on unfortunately and until it does, I have to do it in my spare time which is very rare. Logos take a couple hours to do.

webmaster said...

Hi again!

Well first of all,, i missunderstood a bit here. This nice man whom i now have talked with has absolutely no "bad intentions" with this of course. I guess i gotta hand it over to my "bad days" sectionand therfore i told him my appoligies as i also do here now.

I recomend all wisitors of this blogg to totaly "look away" from my earlyer post, cause that post has nothing to do with the reality here..

Hope all possible good fortune may come to this site and i thank the webmaster for spending his freetime to offer some really nice designed logos for the public.

His links will be "permannent" at my site.

webmaster 3wPoker

webmaster said...

WOW - I was so lucky to get a logo from this great webmaster running this site. And what a great logo i got - IT IS JUST AMAZING and in no way could i be more satisfyed and happy than i now.

I want to express my biggest thanx and i really aprissiate this help and responce i have recieved from the webmaster.

The logo of this site is now on my index page and it will get a permanent link in my footer area of my site.



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