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Let's get this thing rolling. I appreciate all the support and understanding I've received from people. I really didn't want to stop doing this blog so this seems like good solution.
Please post your logo details in the comments of THIS POST... Winner will be announced tomorow or when there are enough entries. Those who don't win... post it again for the next drawing... you can keep coming back and posting until you win.


Peter said...

Hi Franco,

If you don't mind I would like to put in Enviroman Says for a redraw. The previous logo color was too bland and didn't stand out.

Rae said...

I would like a logo and willing to let you have full rein and design a logo for the new blog I am starting up at

Initial image in mind was of someone getting whacked up side of head with a bone but willing to let you do as fell lead with it. I like slate and bluey greys with a splash of color here and there.


Frank said...

Hey there!

I would love a new logo for - and would love something that had a cartoon version of myself worked into it. The photo of me is:

I'm not tied to the color scheme or anything of the current logo.


german said...

Need 3 Logos Made up for Companies
Hi, i need 3 Logos made up. Looking for something Professional and Unique
1) a Silohette of a SHARK and a Baby Shark fishing
example: like a silohette of a man and his son on a dockfishing

2)Shopping cart with Money in it, sympolizing good bargians
example: not really sure, please be creative

3)Lion eating a Zebra
Example: like the stuff they show on the discovery channel, but the Look of the MGM Grand Lion that roars in the begginning of all the movies

Thanks, please feel free to contact me, im also looking for Web Designers to help build my website

Total Budget for Complete project(including logo if need be) $750USD

Looking for Professional Designs.

Sue said...

I need a logo for an education/poetry/writing site. The title of the site is "The Mindful Muse". I believe mindfulness can give voice to the muse within. I envision a yin-yang symbol made into an inkwell with a fluffy quill coming out of the top. Perphaps a brush stroke of teal or some kinda green that suggest harmony should be the baackground. If possible or not too much more trouble, I would like to be able to put a quoate in smalll print underneath and be able to change it at will.

You have wonderful creative energy, thank you for sharing.

Sue said...

I need a logo for an educational poetry/writing site. The title is "The Mindful Muse". I would like a yin-yank symbol as an inkwell with a fluffy quill comming out of the top. Placed on a paint brush stroke of teal or a green that is "harmony. Maybe a place fora aquoate under neath in small print.

ladies of esteem said...

HI this is a wonderful thing you are doing, I am starting up a non profit teen girls group targeting teen girls in the city of Middletown NY, mostly urban population. I need a logo for media, print, and so on to get things going. I have played around in word with some generic looking logos but they are just that "generic".

The name of the group is ESTEEM, they will be The Ladies of Esteem, so in the cirlcle I would like Esteem and maybe an arrow pointing up, maybe ladies of could be shadowing around somewhere, on the outside of the circle "Empowering Sisters Through Encouragement Education and Motivation" maybe an urban looking girl on the side inside the arrow maybe a red heart or rose, this is what I was thinking or from your designs you have posted I fully trust you to come up with a wonderful concept to represent the esteem girls in my group.
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated and I could probably throw some business your way and of course a donation. Oh colors are black and white, maybe some grey shading. Thanks so much, LaShawn, email

kristi said...

Hello. I posted a request a couple of weeks ago for a pregnancy center. We have officially adopted the name "Hope Pregnancy Center" and in small letters below "Pregnancy and Family Resource Center" I would like to request that you design the logo. Not with a picture of a baby, something conveying caring and hope. Thank you so much!!

Chaos Paintball said...

Hey my paintball team and i are looking for a logo. We are a local profesional team in washington and we need a logo Our team name is "chaos" heres our web link with a link to your blog on the main tabs.

The name should be in the logo and the colors we want are black and silver. We want it kinda simple but at the same time cool and sharp. here are some that i like.

Just be original. lol. There is alot of freedom to be creative on this so just suprise me! lol.

bmargarito said...
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bmargarito said...


I am interested in getting a logo that is a black and white ink type cartoon drawing of my face. Does this make sense? The photo is here:

Feel free to email me if you need more information. Thanks!

Canuck said...

I am looking for a Logo for a fishing tackle site The name is Tackleden, From what I have seen your logo work is great Thanks

Canuck said...

I am looking for a logo for a fishing tackle site the name is Tackleden. Thanks

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