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Changing Formats


First, I am humbled by the success of this blog... however what I feared when I first started it is happening now... The success of the blog is resulting in a constant influx of request that I can no longer keep up with. I enjoy doing this blog very much but the money I derive from it is not enough for me to put aside my other ventures, it's under 10$ per day.
I do appreciate those that make donations, but only about 2% of people donate.

Realisticaly I can make one FREE logo per day without it affecting too much my paid work.

When I first started this blog, I suggested that if I becam too busy that I may have to change the format and this is what I have come to the conclusion to do...

Here is how the new format will work.

There will be a daily drawing amongts all the requests posted that day.

One First place winner will receive a free logo design

Three runner ups will receive a discount of 50% of the regular cost of a logo design. Regular price is 99.00 so the cost will be 48.50$

Of course runner ups are not obligated to take me up on the offer and here is the good news, you can participate in the next day's contest to try and win the first place prize.

There will be no limit to the number of times you can participate, however only 1 entry per day.

Entering is easy... you only have to post your logo details as you are doing now in the latest blog post on this blog... click on comments and post your logo details.

The New format will take effect soon, please post your thoughts/comments.

Kind Regards,



Rae said...

I would like a logo and willing to let you have full rein and design a logo for the new blog I am starting up at

Initial image in mind was of someone getting whacked up side of head with a bone but willing to let you do as fell lead with it. I like slate and bluey greys with a splash of color here and there.


Not sure if you wanted these details posted again.


Peter said...

Hi Franco,

Would you support an environmental blog? This site Enviroman Says needs a logo. Preferably with Enviroman in it, if possible.

Franco said...

I've already done a logo for you Peter, check the archives... can't believe I made a logo and you didn't even check back here to see when it was done.

Joan said...

I can understand why you are going to have to change your format. I assume you will tell us when this starts exactly how much you want posted each day? I can see where it would get nutty if everyone was posting all the details everyday.

I am also assuming that all previous (unfilled) requests will be gone and need to go through the new process?

< shaking head > I can't believe that some one asked for a free logo, and then never checked back!

Kristi said...

I work with a women's pregnancy center and we are looking for a new logo. We are also in the process of selecting the name. It will tenatively be "East Texas HOPE Pregnancy Center" We don't have any specific ideas for the logo, except not to use a picture of a baby. Something that conveys hope and caring. We are also in the process of designing a website, but this will be used on everything from website, front window, stationary, business cards, etc. I found you searching on the internet. I appreciate any direction/help you can give me.

Peter said...

Hi Franco,

I did check back and saved the last logo you did for Enviroman. However the color was a bit bland and didn't stand out. I didn't use it and forgot about it. Recently, I was invited to join a news network and needed a logo for the blog, so I thought of you again. I would like to enter for your draw for a logo to be redone.

My blog is at Enviroman Says

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