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appologies for long delay

Thousand things going on right now... thanks for your patience... keep posting the request, I will get to them and if there are many, will choose 2 winner, 2 runner ups, etc..


kristi said...

Hello. I posted a request a couple of weeks ago for a pregnancy center. We have officially adopted the name "Hope Pregnancy Center" and in small letters below "Pregnancy and Family Resource Center" I would like to request that you design the logo. Not with a picture of a baby, something conveying caring and hope. Thank you so much!!

Niraj said...
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Niraj said...

Need a unique and fantastic logo for our new directory

Can u make it for us please ?

Executive Pajamas said...

Clever way to get an online business a head start! I need a logo for my little business. I'm starting up a website called Executive Pajamas - the one-stop-shop for work at home men and women offering cozy pajamas, home office products, a WAH network and humorist PJ Jammie.

I've been back and forth in my head about what the logo should look like and I have decided I would like the words to stand out because I already have a cartoon on the main page. I like the Pajama Gram logo - neat font with a bursty dot thing over the j. But I don't want it to look like that one, just an idea.

I'd like to integrate yellow and slate blue for a subtle hint of day AND night for pajamas, if this is possible.

Thank you!

Abbynormal said...

Thought you might like to know I encountered your link on a blog at, and I have added a link to my own blog there, and will be adding one to my bookcrossing page as well.
Even if you don't get to me, I'm happy to help you. As George Eliot said, "What is life if not to make it easier for each other?"

I wonder if you've thought of joining Stumbleupon as a means to increase visits to your site? Not only that, but Stumblers are a very kind lot, and if you have a product or service that rocks, many will post a link just to help.

My request:
I have an online bookstore called A Collection of Words. (I got the title from a line in a Collective Soul song) I'd like to have a logo that uses those little refrigerator poetry magnets.

Thank you for your consideration and time. And good luck with your business!

Mark Larsen said...

I would appreciate a logo for See the link at the bottom of the home page. This design will be completely redone to match any new logo.

Max Hunter is a marketing, sales and business guru.

I like primary colors such as Blue Green and Red as Colors, but I am open to creativity. I am looking for something which catures attention and Screams, I can Sell and Market.

Thanks for your help.

WestsideBruin said...

Hey great idea for starting your business!

I need a logo for my blog:

The blog is a UCLA Football fan blog whose purpose is to get our football coach fired. Yes, it sounds harsh, but last year the site had thousands of visitors a day until the team got on a roll. We dont expect the same this year.

Anyhow, just need a solid blue logo, blue and gold are our colors. Im open, but simple is probably good.


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