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Logos for 05-05-2006

Here are today's logos... click image for full size.
I am available for interviews or anything else that will help exposure to this blog.
I need more links to increase the traffic... anyone have any ideas / suggestions .. post them... if you know people who have blogs or websites that need logos... give them this address please :)


Julianna said...

Hi. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but I've requested a free logo for my gift basket site..

I would like a nice logo with any nice gift basket to add to the left side of my header, with my company name on it..I did not see any logos posted for this request, so please let me know if you are able to do this.

Thanks so much,

Peter said...

One more link for you if you do a logo for Blogger Tips and Tricks

Vegas said...

Hello. This is a great idea and valuable service you are providing. We are about to launch "The Las Vegas Business Resource" site and need a professional looking logo. The site will consist of valuable information for the small business owner and aspiring business owner specifically in Las Vegas. A comprehensive directory of local business and business associations will also be listed. Your service would be a great addition and certain to get a lot of attention. With regard to color; something in earth tones. Maybe some combo of tan and something else. I'll leave it in your hands, I'm not very artistic.

randnw said...

Hi! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to design a logo for my website. The site is a community site for a guild in World of Warcraft. I would like a logo similar to the WoW logo only with our name in place of the exsisting text, our name is "In omnia paratus".
There is a similar logo located at It would be nice to have a font related to our theme, sort of ancient rome (considering the "latin" name of our guild)I hope this is legally possible. Anyway, hope this helps.

Puneet Singhal said...

Hi, I want a logo for my article directory website

I would like a nice good size logo with "" written on it on top in big fonts and "Find or Submit Articles For Free" written below it in small fonts.

I leave the design in your hands as you are an expert in this field. Thanks a lot.

Colin said...

Interested in a logo for a small business, a web hosting, web design and domain registeration site based in Altantic Canada where our pricing and service is second to none.

Like yellow for text and dark blue colors for background. As far as verbiage open to some suggestions.
It would be to replace image width 635 and image height 150 which currently displays "Joomla..because open source matter"

Thanks you can email me at once completed. Thanks.

Colin Rees

Anonymous said...

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