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Logos for 04-0502006

Here are some logos for today.

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Jason said...

Thank You so much. I really appreciate the logo. Fantastic!

Jason said...

I am going to leave a donation!

Thanks again.

Jason said...

Donation was just made via paypal.



Franco said...

Glad you like it. Thanks for the donation, much appreciated!

The Watcher said...

G'day t'ye, sirrah! I be a Lesbian Pirate Queen with a formidable crusty crew. A logo would be awful spiffy fer me ship!

Black and silver would be grand colours fer th'ship, but I would be sayin' t'let yer imagination go wild.

Pimpmaster said...

Hi i need a Logo for my site
Its about fast cars and bikes and babes. I like the colors red and black. Can you make me a logo that just says PIMPINOUT on it.
thank you

Swaminathan said...


I am a newbie, looking for a logo for my website - actually 2 sites:

One is on home remedies and natural cures. The second is for a membership site called, which would seek to give information on matters related to health, wealth and happiness (covering relationships,recreation and more).

Can you help? Beyond the above info, I am in fact lost about how to design a logo, or even what more information I should give.

david said...


david said...

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