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Logos for 09-05-2006

Here are today's logo. Don't for get to click on them to get the full size.
If you post your request, do check every day but please have patience, I do them in the order I receive them but don't always have time to do some everyday, so a couple day might lapse before I do any, then might do a few in a day, it all depends how busy I am that day.


The Watcher said...

Ye friggin' rock, Franco! I've had several of me crew comment on how good th'logo looks an' expressin' an interest themselves!

Paul said...

Hi, I would like a logo too, please. I'm a writer, so anything with that look would be appreciated. If you could use the color scheme from my blog ( -- mainly blues, gray, and white) that would be good, too. Thanks

brandxhosting said...

I would like a logo for my hosting company. I could give you a free year of hosting in exchange for a logo. Let me know. My email is

Rae said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rae said...

oops mistyped all over that comment.

I would liek a logo and willing to let you have full rein and design a logo for the new blog I am starting up at

Initial image in mind was of someone getting whacked up side of head with a bone but willing to let you do as fell lead with it. I like slate and bluey greys with a splash of color here and there.



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