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Logos for 15-05-2006

Here are today's logos. Click image for full size :)


Kegparty said...

I'm looking for a Logo we are in the process of changing the name of our company. I'm looking for four types. TWo in Full Color the other two in B&W.
They should use the Mule design at (we own the page)
The company name has not been set yet and I'd like your opinion on it will be done in two ways.
One (bible belt) A Kickin' Entertainment Group Inc.
Second Ass Kickin' Entertainment Group
Please follow other info on the website web address of and phone number should should be present in the logo though web addy is more important. B&W should be clear for T-shirt use while the Color one should be suitable for Shirt Back and Pocket use.
Colors be original... No Square/rectangle shape.. want something that will stand out.

Kegparty said...

Link published on our site if you need the mule logo in color or B&W let me know change as you see fit... Thanks looking forward to the logos.

Paul said...

thanks for the logo! I like the look, but instead of a hand writing, could it be replaced with an open book? Oh, and the 1st stripe (the orange looking one) be a dark blue stripe? Thanks again!

hawknite said...

Claimed Property
Thank you for what you have done. Can I ask if you can make a few changes? If so,
1) Can you make the character a little more plumper? Change his beard to white? Change his hat to tan?

2)The name of the website is claimed property, but the character will be the narrator and face of the site, so can you change the name to "The Prospector"?

3)I would like to keep a bright appearance, so can you make the background white and the lettering in blue.

4) I hate ask this but if it is possible, can you edit the first creation you have made and if possible could you create a second with the prospector picking at the title. I am curious to see if I would like a second version.

Thank you for your hard work and service.


Paul said...

edit: sorry, but I just thought of this. Could the font be the same as my blog headers? thank you

Joan said...

I think you have some great logos. I really like the way that the logo fits so well with the name. I have no idea why you can give these away, but I am very glad you are.

I am looking for a logo for my blog, and a second blog (not up just yet).

About my personal taste - I like the colors on the blog above. I am not impressed with the fonts. Style-wise I prefer the timeless classics. I tend to prefer the equivilent of the infamous "little black dress": simple (as in not fussy or foofy), always in style, attractive, appropriate in almost any situation/audience...and makes you want to know more from the very first glance.

I have no picture in my head of what kind of logo would be best for the REAL site - it *could* be so many things.

The second logo is for Job Search Central. Same color scheme as the first one, as they will be connected. I'm thinking a train (as in Central Station) or a compass (place to go find your way)- but then we both know there is a reason why I am not designing my own logo. This will be a single place for folks to go get started on job search - from resume templates, job postings, career advise...the whole enchilada. The name is 80% set, but if you get a flash of brilliance with a slightly different name (still has "Job Search" in it), let's talk.

needalogo said...

Hi -- I'm looking for a logo (or an entire header for the page -- this would be ideal!) using mostly red and yellow as colors. The website is -- it is an affiliate dating site. The primary component should be "" and secondary should be the slogan: "where singles go to mingle". There should also be a "TM" after for trademark. If you look at the site, you will see the header is broken down into two sections and it would be ideal to replace this entire header with something else that is broken down into two sections in the same way. I am planning to move the "member's log-in" section down from the header section so that shouldn't be incorporated into the header. If you look at the site, what they have really nails what I am looking for (but of course they already have that so it has to be different). You can incorporate the photo that is already in the header of but this is not necessary. Well, I tried to give you as many details as possible and I look forward to seeing what you will create! Thanks.

needalogo3 said...

I hope you have been busy since yesterday and haven't started my logo yet! I am totally changing my website to a dating site review website -- and I am using template #40 on page This doesn't change much except the colors, no picture now (unless you can find one for free to use), and I am no longer looking for a 2-part logo, just one banner that will replace the blue 'sitename' header section of the template above. I hope I got you before you started! Thanks again. (I lost my password I am needalogo

Nancyrowina said...

I requested a logo for my site sometime last year and have put up a link in my sidebar. I can see you've been busy so no worries if you didn't get round to it, I only want something simple anyway

My Blog Is called Nancy's Crazy Adventures and is pagan themed so the title and some pentacles in a black border would be fine if that's possible.


Hank said...

I'm looking for a site logo. Here is the site
I wanted to join the 3 pics shown. Something like this: 3 fisherman of each style of fishing in a circle on the ocean water. Two of them raising paddles and one raising hand(surfoard fishermen). Sort of like a "high five" look. As long as blue and orange are used, the rest is up to you. Good luck and I'll check back from time to time.

Hank said...

Here are three sites that may give you ideas.
One fisherman will be in a float tube.
One fisherman will be in a kayak.
One fisherman will be on a surfboard.

Hank said...

Argh. I kind of messed up. The float tuber will hold up a fin. I want to show each "paddle power" supply. The paddle for the kayaker, the fin for the floattuber, and the arm for the surfboard fisherman.

Chaos Paintball said...

Hey my paintball team and i are looking for a logo. We are a local profesional team in washington and we need a logo Our team name is "chaos" heres our web link with a link to your blog on the main tabs.

The name should be in the logo and the colors we want are black and silver. We want it kinda simple but at the same time cool and sharp. here are some that i like.

Just be original. lol. There is alot of freedom to be creative on this so just suprise me! lol.

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