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Logos for 10-04-2006

Here are some logos for today. Hopefully eveyone likes them :).
Click on image for larger version.


needhelp said...

Thank you sooooo much. I love it, but could I see it in another color possibly. greeen blue or purple? Thank you.

Stephan said...

I'd love a logo header for

focus more on rock n roll and fast Camaro imagery rather that religious iconography ;)

(a disciple of Jesus Camaro)

Joshua Uebergang said...

Nice designs.

I'd love one on

Colors can be green, blue, orange, brown, black, or white. Funny and simple. I like the Alaskan Chilli logo.

Jack Phillips said...

Hi again,

I would love a logo also for my site, Red, White and Blue would be great!
My site is an information site for everything from a to z.

Tony said...

Would love to have a logo created for

Site about things related to rivers and streams. Creatures that live in them, near them, creatures that study them and admire them.

I'll leave the design open to your creativity.

Thank you very much

Great site BTW

Ben said...

Thanks Franco. It is more than adequate. :)

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