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Logos for 20-04-2006

Here are some logos for today... more to come later... keep posting your request. It might take a few days, but check here daily and you will see your logo created. Those that request logos, don't forget to post the link on your website first, if I don't see the link, I will not create the logo.

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Joshua Uebergang said...

Sorry, I forgot about the link. Here's my request again.

I'd love one on

Colors can be green, blue, orange, brown, black, or white. Funny and simple. I like the Alaskan Chilli logo.

Richard said...

Good morning,

Thank you for a generous offer!

I have created a link on my home page:

If possible, something with an eagle - my wife thinks I am crazy when she looks at all the eagle pictures, ceramics, t-shirts, sweatshirts I have, all with an eagle in one pose or another.

We just recently took over an offline newsletter that is published once a month, so would like to be able to include the logo there as well.

Fairly simple as it would be online as well as offline and to include the name: Gold Eagle Designs.

Thank you very much,


Eileen Spillane said...

I have a political blog called Rhode Island's Twelfth. This refers to the 12th St. Senatorial district. It encompasses Middletown, Tiverton, Little Compton, & Newport. All of these are located on Narragansett Bay. I am a retired teacher-librarian. This is a progressive, democratic blog.
Thank you for the consideration & time!

Jack Phillips said...

Thanks Franco,

I love it and you will see it up on all my pages soon!


BigMike said...

hey, I'm building a website and would love a free logo. my website is located at The main colors are dark blue background with yellow and green type. I already have a logo that i made myself but its really not very good. I promise to add your link to my links page along with a very pleasent description. Please do this for me.


Stephan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Franco said...


I don't know your email address Stephan so hopefuly you see this...
I didn't know what a camaro really looked like myself but I saw on your site that you drove a '69 camaro?.. anyways I did a google image search for 1969 camaro:

It is that car no? That image is also from a stock image site I used, I searche for camaro to find it too.. so I'm confused, correct me and show me what a '69 camaro is suppose to look like :)

Stephan said...

Hi, Franco!
I'm confused too -
thanks to the GM styling dept and my faulty recall -
it looked to me more like an early Chevelle SS (or even a dreaded Nova) ...
see pics at

I blame old age and maybe the foreshortening in the perspective made me think that car's not long enough to be the Camaro I remembered...

no problem - I accept your judgement and am happy to
post a correction!

All the Best of Success,
for Jesus Camaro, the Band
p.s. tomorrow I'll add links to the picture galleries on the website for the skeptics and other befuddled musicians...I guess rock and roll can harm you ;)

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