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Logos for 28-12-2005

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Anthony said...
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Queen D The Original Southern Diva said...

Hi, I came across your blog on blogwise and I've linked to you on my website at under the resources category. I'd like for my logo to be green and gold. Preferably I'd like the green to match the green in this template
Thanks for this great service. I'd like for it to just be the words Learn Small Business.

Queen D The Original Southern Diva said...

Okay the example site url got cut off so here is it in its entirety,
The logos that I like are the My Article Directory logo, the Jodees Interent Marketing logo and the Real Article logo. I hope this helps.

Webster said...

Hi, I was looking for a logo designer and since free is well within my budget I thouht I'd ask for a design. I would like something with maybe with an image of the earth, and the words Official e-lottery Affiliate or along thse lines, sorry for the vague ideas but i look forward to your response. Here's the site address
as you can see I haven't even go a header yet!!



Kim said...

I so sorry that it wasn't there till right now! Look now on the right side.


Anthony said...

I'm sorry again, my wife love the logo, so I'm going to keep the logo. The only changes that I need is male models in the logo. So you can keep the three female models on the top and place three male models on the bottom. Also, the burgandy will probably look better if it was red.



Jack Thomas said...

Hi, I just came across your blog on the search for new features to place on my blog. I never thought about making a logo for my organization but, if you have time I would like to see what one would look like. If possible I would like the colors to consist of navy blue, light blue and dark red. My blog is about michigan politics and the title of it is MI-Dems. Here is a link to my blog:

If you do have time to make me a logo, is it at all possible to include the donkey graphic used in my blog at the top right corner?? If not it is okay. Here is an example of what i would like on my logo. In big font: MI-Dems and in smaller font: Working Together to Build One Michigan. What ever you do would be a big help! Thank-you very much!

Roxie said...

Hi, I was referred to you by Nathalie's Dream...I have a website and need help with a logo!
The website is:
I'd like the logo to reflect the style of the website. I used GlitterFont for the heading lettering and would like to have that in my logo if possible (?)
The title of the website is OnlinePopstar and the tag line is: The World's First and Only Online Karaoke Competition!
If you could designe something along these lines, I'd be very grateful!!
Thanks so much!

Drew Crawford said...

I'm interested in a logo for my car computer that I'm building--just a decal to put on the side or something. The project is entitled Shadowfax, and the wave 1 concept art is available here (
To be honest, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I know I want it to be white on black, and I like the general look of the font I used in that image (It's ProFont btw), but I'm open to changing it up a little.
I'm just throwing out random ideas here, but the project name originates from Gandalf's white horse in LOTR. So possibly the logo could incorporate a horse? But then, it's a tech project. So a horse made up of 0s and 1s? Not sure if I'd like that or not, just thinking out loud.

If you get a chance.


TrueTrinity said...

I was referred to your blog via another blogger on yahoo 360. I'm attempting to lauch my own e-store and I need assistance with designing a logo. The name of my store is True Trinity Gifts and Decor. Our motto is "where we warm the heart and home". The colors of the site are very rich...Brick red, golds, deep oranges and black. I'd like for my logo to be a combination of any of those color combinations (what you feel is most appealing to the eye) with and emphasis on the 2 T's (for True and Trinity) set on some sort of background.

My url will be

Thank you for any assistance you can lend.


Miriguy said...

Hi there. I noticed this website. And I love the idea so much, I can get a free logo!! wow. That's cool.
Anyway, I need a logo for my website at and it's little bit of about travel and some religion element in it.
I like blue color. Maybe you can make it something a young male carrying a backpack and below it you say, ?
Thanks in advance !

ozymandiaz said...

Hi. I came across your site by Blog Explosion. I've seen it several times and have finaly gotten around to signing up. I apreciate most anything that is free. For my logo I was thinking of a paper mache' tiger cub either orange or yellow with its paw extended. As for background color I would like something dark and neutral. This will be for my blog Paper Tigers (duh) at
Thank you

Ben said...

Greetings. Blogexplosion sent me.

I would appreciate a logo for my weblog, Henry the Adequate.

Henry is this superhero guy. He wears a mask, and underwear on the outside (boxers, naturally), and has a flamethrower embedded in his forearm (whichever one, I don't care). Some kind of heroic pose would be excellent. Also some heroic colours. Forgive me for being so vague, but my imagination is mostly in B&W.

Henry's tagline is "My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero." but if that's too long for a logo then "Henry the Adequate", or "Henry the Adequate, Superhero." would do just fine.

And thanks. You're providing a unique and valuable service at no charge, and I for one appreciate it to the fullest extent of my appreciativeness.

skinny said...

Hi, this site is a great idea. I joined your mailing list and have put a link to your site on my site. My site is As you can see it is an online poker related site. There is also a forum and a podcast along with this site. I wont be picky about the design since your taking your personal time for free to design it. I like the way the trader logo looked with the palm trees. I dont want palm trees, but I like that style and coloring. My slogan is Are you down with o.p.p. If you could integrate it in thaty would be great. Whatever you come I'm sure will be great. I'll be sure to mention you in my upcoming podcasts if you would like. Just le me know. Thanks

roachhaus said...


I had to jump at the chance for a nice logo design. I've been trying to think up something, but logos are not my bag. If you make a logo for me, I will sing your praises all day long on my site.

I have a cooking site .... a manly cooking site called Men in Aprons. I've been going for green, gray, and black colors.

Thanks very much.

roachhaus said...

Sorry, forgot to give the URL:


JoDee said...

I was wondering if you could design me another logo for this page here which is a link directory I love the one you did at

Nancyrowina said...

Hello there, could you design a logo for the title of my blog "Nancy's crazy Adventures"?

I'm wiccan so would like the logo to reflect that, there's a pentacle graphic in a post entitled "Imbolc" I'd like on either side of the title if that's possible. The font could be quite gothic as well.



Killired said...

Hi There! I would love a free logo.. only problem is I don't know what I would want other than something pink! would it be too much to ask you to take a look at my Blog so you could get an idea of what it's all about and then create one from there?

I will add you to my blogroll list and also add a button! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Tyler said...

I have posted a link to your site on my site (I had to post it in the announcements section, actually because it's a forum) but it's there. If you could please design a logo for me, it needs to be in .jpg format and it needs black on the inside with I was thinking a black and white sketch of Beethoven over to the left side, leave the rest black, and for the text, on the bottom right-hand corner, put "Classical Music Boards" with "Classical Music" in white text and "Boards" in silver text. If you could do this, I would be absolutely thrilled.

Thank you,

Tyler said...

I'm sorry I forgot to tell you to make it 500x250 pixels. Thanks!

asdfasdf said...

I would like the imagine of a high tech genetic facility that you would see in some hollywood film like iRobot.

I would like the image to be a rectanglular shape, like that of a banner ad.

The colors should compliment my website theme :

Images could include microscopic views of a stem cell, or molecular structures in a line format in the background of different, random molecules -still in line format with labeling of functional groups like -OH or -NH3, or scientists in lab entire, vials, things of that nature. I hope this gives you a descriptive ideal of what I am looking for. It is pretty vague so you can use your skills to be creative. -The colors to be used should be conservative and -moreless- cool - like shades of grey, blue, light forest green, those "soft colors"

I am not sure of the dimension for the logo. However, somewhere in the image near an edge, I would like my initials LRjr placed almost indiscreetly inside the logo -still near any given edge.

If you view my site, you will see the Title and a Description of it. I would like the logo image to be somewhat translucent - to allow the title and description to be readable while imposed inside of it.

The template on my site is bearable, but I will work on that soon.

If you can design the logo, so I can have an idea of what to place on my site, I would greatly appreciate it!

asdfasdf said...

p.s. for the logo size, since my description was very vague....the size of the logo should be medium (rectangular) at least to fit the Title and Description

asdfasdf said...

just added your link to my site. I meant to do that awhile ago.

asdfasdf said...

whoops, just added your link to my homepage, meant to do that awhile ago

Dena said...

Hi! I came across your blog while surfing. I've wanted a logo but had no idea what to do. I've linked you to my website at under links. I'd like to have a logo that had greens and blues on it. It would go well with my site. The name of my site is "Jellybean's View". I post a lot of my landscape photography there as a way to test out ideas. So if there is some way to incorporate a camera into the logo, that would be great.

Killired said...

hi there... i added you a while back and see that you've not updated since the end of december... are you still doing this service? if not, I'm going to take you off my blogroll. please let me know.. im sure everyone else is wondering as well! thanks!

COMM 104 said...

I've linked you on my blog at I am a graduate teacher of communication and I have created a blog for use in my classes. The colors that I'm particularly fond of are black and silver. The blog is about the communication concepts we discuss in the class and the questions of self-discovery I often ask them. Thanks for all your help.

Prophetess Joy Allen said...

Hi. I came accross your site, and would love to have a logo for my ministry and my business. I will link to you at and if you are able to render logos.

The first is for my ministry, titled Joy of the Lord Ministries. I'd like some soft purples and blues in the logo. I should be elegant and conservative.

For the business, Power & Glory, I'd also like something elegant. I sell designer women's suits, and I'd like purple used in this logo along with some catchy complementary colors. Please let me know if it's doable.

My email is Thank you!

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