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Logos for 27-12-2005


Long overdue update but now that the holiday craziness is mostly over, I'll be creating the back log of logo requests I haven't done in a while so keep checking for you logo, it'll be here soon.
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Roxie said...

[sorry for re-posting; I got the wrong date...]
Hi, I was referred to you by Nathalie's Dream...I have a website and need help with a logo!
The website is:
I'd like the logo to reflect the style of the website. I used GlitterFont for the heading lettering and would like to have that in my logo if possible (?)
The title of the website is OnlinePopstar and the tag line is: The World's First and Only Online Karaoke Competition!
If you could designe something along these lines, I'd be very grateful!!
Thanks so much!

I am The Swirling Chaos Between Your Eyes said...

If I had half a chance I'd ram your skull into a wall until it cracks open. I'd then eat your pathetic empty brains with some flava beans and a nice Chianti.

Kim said...


I was just checking to see what you been up to, anything new? Plus to let you know I have your link on the beauty-blog now.
I am still hoping I am one of those you are back-logged on and will see one for me soon ;)
Do have a great week!
(do I need to tell you want I was looking for again?)


Jack Phillips said...

Hi, I found your blog at Liz Tomeys blog!
I could use help with a log also.
The site is: Lively Net Solutions
The site is an information site on everthing and anything from A to Z.
I guess the same hight and red white and blue!

Your button is on my site!


babs said...

i have u linked with my blog
i need logo:

i want a smart,cool and intelligent gurl say 21 age in the shud be colourful(yellow,red,black,orange,light blue).my url shud be mentioned somewhere in the logo.

u can be as creative as possible.

De Widi said...

I need logo for the travel site
but i don't find relevant to our site

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