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Logos for 30-11-2005

Here are the logos for today (actually haven't update this in a few days... so here are the logos for the last few days :) )


Alaskan_Chilli said...

The link is up and working on my site now, sorry about that, I lost a couple of links and thanks for pointing that out!

JoDee said... also put your link there

Bhakti said...

Hi Franco...I actually created a header in the mean time. If you could incorporate the way I wrote jaibhakti and eliminate all of the orange and teal colors, that would be terrific. My 'blog' color is purple...and I like to use a lot of blues...but not teal.Thank you!

Su Ti Ben said...
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Su Ti Ben said...
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BlogMaster said...


I need a logo for my article site. I have added your link to the home page you can see your link in the right hand navigation menu.

I am going to change the site around so don't pay much attnetion to the current design.

I would like a logo with the following specs:
200 X 100 Pixles to 320 X 160 Pixles
Article in red / House in black

Motto: All Articles, All the Time!

If you go to this page:

I would like something similar to the domainhouse logo.

Substituting ArticleHouse for DomainHouse. And using Red for Article and Black for House.

In place of be the Master of your domain. Use "All Articles, All the Time.

Make the roofline red if possible.

Ben said...


I would like a logo. My blog is

The name is: The "L"

I want it to have midnight blue in the logo

I am think of a big "L" in qoutes the l midngiht blue with a thing light black out line. But there is a little space before the outline.
make it embeveled or bossed which ever one is sticking out dont enbedd the image


Hurricane Keisha said...

Hello, You can find a link to your site here: in the right navigation box, under admin recommended.

I am looking for a logo for this site that includes the same colors of the site. I want the logo to be 750px X 60

with the words " My Articles Directory" I would also like for you to have like a newspaper look to it.

I also have another request if you can make a this logo so that I can use it as a banner for my site as well.

Thanks for your kindness, and God Bless

Graham said...

You're very, very talented by the way. You should really set up shop and do this for a living if you don't already. I don't want a logo but I just thoroughly enjoyed checking all the ones you've made out :).

Monkey Boy said...

Posted your link on my site I am looking for a banner/logo that matches the theme of the site, black and semi professional. Maybe something with a picture of a camera in it. Canon D20 is what I have so that would be good...there is a pic of this on the site. You can incorporate any of the pictures used on the site into the logo if you wish. I'm not a Blogger. This identity was setup just to post on your site. My blogs are and and my email is

Tiff said...

Hey I posted your link on my blog,! I call my blog "My Thoughts... My Life" I would love to have a logo!!! You can design whatever you think will be appropriate... just take a look at my blog you can totally get a since of who I am!!!

Frank said...

I would of course love a cartoon version of me for
There are pictures of me at the website if you click my Flickr link. That way, you can see what i look like. If it helps... I'm a bit of a geek... and I am working on my PhD to become a psychologist (and i hope to work primarily with Deaf clients). But i don't wear a pocket-protector. :) Maybe a pic of me at a desk with a laptop opened, but me facing away from the desk... at a client (sigmund freud) laying on a couch with a cigar.
I'm putting your link up on the site right away.

Vanessa said...

Your logos are great! Would you make one for my site: ?

I would like something retro-50's-looking with pink, red, black, and turquoise. I am a reader and I have a small, black poodle dog which I would like incorporated into the logo. I don't know the specs, but I would like it to span the top of my blogsite. E-mail me if you have questions at: - Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Forgot to mention, I added your link to my blog.

JoDee said...

I was wondering if you could design me another logo for this page here

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