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Logos for 09-12-2005

Here are today's logos, sorry for the lack of more regular updates, it's a hectic time of year, very busy with my other businesses. If I forget to do a logo you requested, don't be afraid to request it again, I get many request and sometimes overlook some.

Click on image for full size.


KoldKadavr said...
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Tiff said...

Ahh wow thank you, I love it!!! You're so awesome!

Alaskan_Chilli said...

mine is awesome thanks :) will use it very soon in my redesign.
I know someone who would very much love a logo who can't post here as it only allows for blogger. She has already placed the link on her sidebar and would like a logo which used black, white and the teal green she uses for some words in her posts. Her URL is

Hurricane Keisha said...

Hello, This is Hurricane Keisha, I just wanted to know if you can do over my logo, it is not exactly what I am looking for. I want the colors of my background but I wanted to kind of have newspapers in the background of the logo, and the My Articles in #b22222 to bring out that color more on the site. I hope this helps better, and I am sorry for not completly explaining it to you before.


Monkey Boy said...

Hi sorry for the delay in posting shopping and all that...but thanks for the logo. I like it. Simple, clean and effective. I'll pop it on my site and let you know what everyone thinks. Have a great holiday and keepup the good work.

david said...

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