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Logos for 24-11-2005

Here are today's logos. Don't forget to go to my other blog to get free stuff. Trying to get 10 participants so we can have the first draw.

I've sent this to you by email... not sure why you didn't receive it?


Nathalie Cameron said...

I don't know if you got my email...I hope so! Let me know okay. Ps. I have also added you to my blogroll

bluebizz said...

Great, this was cool. Like to see more posts
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Franco said...

Bluebizz... are you requesting logos or just spamming my blog? :)

epiac1216 said...

Hi Franco:

Your logo has been up in my blog for two days now. It looks so cool. BTW, today Epiac's Place hit the 1,000 visitors mark. For me that's great!

I feel so grateful for your contribution to my site.

I you have a couple of minutes to spare, please drop by and give me your two cents.

Epiac's Place



Peter said...

Hi Franco, can you do a logo for Enviroman Says. The link to freelogo is already in place.

Nathalie Cameron said...

I did get it thank-you very much. Do you have any buttons for me to advertise your website? If possible I would like something like 114 x 32. I am trying to clean up my website a bit and would like to put it on the front page of my website.

JoDee said...

Hi I am wanting an article logo for my site I have your link here

Bhakti said...

HI Franco-- I would LOVE a logo for my blog.

My blog is a testament to a grace filled life. This means that I celebrate life one laugh at a time!

I would like the logo to have my blog's name on top:

and then these words somewhere:


You can see the colors that I like by looking at my profile picture (which was designed by Gyrobo, a fellow blogger).

Here's my blog address (you can look over my blog to get a sense of what I'm about). Thank you so much...I'm off to create a link to your site right now! Cheers! :)

Bhakti said...

P.S. With regards to the TYPE that I would like used in my logo, I prefer the chalk on the chalkboard look. Here's a link to a banner that I use on Blogexpolosion (I don't like the banner itself, but I like the type).

Click here to take a look at the TYPE that I like.

Thank you so much Franco. This is too cool!!

P.P.S. I have no idea where to insert the new logo into my template once it is made. Can you walk me through that, too??

smalltownhick said...

Hi! My blog is Page 10 International, which I would like to look like a newspaper headline. You'll find the blog at

Alaskan_Chilli said...

Wicked site you have here, I am just going to post a link to you on my blog and ask you if you could design a logo for me. My url is
I am looking for a chilli in the logo, maybe a cute cartoon one, using the red, purple and blue colours on my blog.
A logo I admire can be found at, its the cute bird in the title. I would like something along those lines but using a chilli.
Thanks very much for your time :)

C-8 said...

Hi! I LOVE your work and have been looking for a new header for my blog ( I'm kind of goofy so I was looking for something kind of goofy - I've got astroturf as the background and would love something silly to kind of compliment that - I'm thinking something with bright colors like lime green, bright pink and yellow - my blog is titled after a line from Willy Wonka ("Snozzberries? Who ever heard of a snozzberry?")so if it were retro looking that would be great, too - I like the header over at - and I also like the one here but I wouldn't want something identical.

Thanks so much! You rock!

SirDirge said...

Hey Franco,

I'd love to have my logo designed by you for my SirDirge Thinking blog, which is a blog concentrating on current happenings in the world and my thoughts on it.

The theme I have is temporaly only, I'm hoping to redesign it to a more professional high quality theme in the near future. I'd be gratefull if you could design a logo for me.

- SirDirge

jmc said... posted your link on that page thank you.Any ideas on logo ? thx-jim

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