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Logos for 18-11-2005

Here are today's logos.

Hope that's somewhat like you had in mind?:
If you like it and want to use it on your other site, just put a link there too and I can modify it to fit that other site, perhaps the same design but without the "blog".


Keith Choy said...

Hi Franco,

This is Keith from I can be contacted at

I really like the logo that you have created for my site (the one with the SUN). I have put it up already.

Can I have 2 more requests of changes?

1) Is there any other font which is slightly thicker and straigher that we can use for the words "Wealth" and "Mountains"?

2) After that is done, possible for me to have 1 more version with snow? This is in preparation for the Dec to Jan Xmas period. :) I was hoping for some snow covering:
- the top of $ (the dollar sign)
- the top of the word "Wealth".

The SUN ray may need to tone down a bit in this version since it is snowing.

The word "Mountains" could be similar to the effect found in the following site with snow at the lower part of the word (ie. except instead of green grass, it is white snow):

Hopefully I have given enough info to let you understand what I am trying to say for this "snow" version. :P

Hope to hear from you soon.

Keith Choy

The Spandex-King said...

Hello, I'll take you up on your offer. I am training for the Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon. My favorite color is red. I Run Swim and Bicycle. When you send this to me how do I put on my blog?
Spandex King

Florence said...


Thanks for wanting to create my logo it's greatly appreciated. I'll certainly will add a link on my blog promoting your blog.

It's not for my blog the logo it's for my website I'm creating and when I'm hosted I will also include a link to your blog on my site.

Here's my logo info:
The logo is curved like a snake with each letter clearly readable!

Name of the Logo
>> Flo's Home Biz Solutions

All three colors mixed in Logo:

Bottom of logo is the reflexion of the name of the logo with the curve too but only one color => #3333ff

417 x 73 if possible.

Hope this gives you enough to design with.

Thank you!
Have a great day

Nathalie Cameron said...

THAT is AWESOME...I love it....yeah I was looking for a way to make one for my other site too...but I wasn't gonna ask you to make two :| ! I think it has to be 468 x 60 for my banner exchange though. Is that okay?

Nathalie Cameron said...

OOps I almost forgot the "Nathalie's Dream Blog" can you make that 468 x 60 too? If possible! Other than problems. Great Work!

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