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Logos for 16-11-2005

Don't forget to put the link to this blog BEFORE requesting a logo... I still get requests with no link up.

Click On the image for the original size. Logos usually have a transparent background unless otherwise requested, but click on the image to get the real image with the transparency.

Here you go... I hope that's more what you wanted?

Sorry I'm not good enough to do a cartoon of you, but I did an artwork... click on this image to see the full size... hope you like it anyway.


Laurie said...

Thank you, thank you, I love it.

Now I just have to figure out how to resize the script for the larger image.

Thanks again, As this site grows you will recieve many links from it.

I will mention your site in one of my next articles.

Many many thanks,


Trang Vuong said...

Nice artwork!

I have a website -

I can definitely use a logo.

I am thinking of a yin yang sign as a background, and from it, a cupped hand coming out with a heart in it. Can you design something like that?


Keith Choy said...

Wow that was fast! Thanks for the WealthMountains design. Much better than my own one. :)

I have put up a link back to your site at
Do let me know if you want to change the description. I can be contacted at

Btw for my Wealthmountains Logo, may I request for the changes as follow:

- use the "Stronger" font for the words "Wealth" and "Mountains". By stronger, I mean thicker so that it gives it a solid feel. Currently, when I reduce the size of the logo to fit into my website, those words look thin.

- for the word "One Step at a time", can it be thinner? When I reduce the size to fit into my site, the current wordings become difficult to read. I like the way you design this wordings.

- after the above changes, can I request for 2 more versions in which:
1) The star (with the line) just above the words "One step at a time" be replaced with a raising SUN (to replace the star) and the color line of the line change to give the feel that the SUN is raising out of the horizon while the person climbing up to reach for the $. It gives it a feel that the user is having a fresh start.

2) For the $, would need your advice if another color besides blue is suitable for the theme.

Btw, my offer still stands. If you want to promote any of your other services/products, do let me know. I would be most glad to do it for free to my list since I had experienced the quality myself. :)

Best regards,
Keith Choy

Sam Freedom said...

Can you contact me please.
samfreedom2 AT gmail DOT com

Get a Free Logo

bobbi jo said...

I love the logo you did for me at bobbi jo online. Do you think you could do one more? It's for my cooking blog.

The title is: Best Served Hot
The url is:

bobbi jo

Brent said...

I would like a logo for my site.

I am looking for white background. I would like you to use my site title which is husband - DJ - computer geek and use my picture (link below) and create some sort of cartoon character of me. Some how tie the character together somehow as a husband - DJ - computer geek.

I would also like the text

husband - DJ - computer geek

to appear on the logo

you can see my color scheme by visiting my log. Thanks alot. I look forward to seeing your work.

(picture of me

Brent said...

i forgot to add I am looking for around 680x100 no bigger than 120

this is for logo for hisband - DJ - computer geek in the comment above

Trang Vuong said...

Wow, that was quick.

Can you design it so that the cupped hand is coming out ... as if, I am giving my heart to you. Thanks.

Brent said...

looks great. thanks a lot. I did take out the part of me since it just didnt look right on my site but i like it a lot. thanks. look for a review sometime tonight

bobbi jo said...

Hey thanks. Looks great. I appreciate your work.

Tired Tunia said...

Hi! I had my husband put up a link to your site now. Thanks again.
Here's my site again, just in case you forgot about me. (Tired Tunia @ the Library)

Franco said...


What would you like for your logo?


Nathalie Cameron said...

I am looking for a logo for my blog at:

I call it "Nathalie's Dream Blog" to go with my website "Nathalie's Dream".

My blog is about me and trying to promote my singing. I am not sure what pic I would like on my logo. My favorite color is blue if that helps at all?!

If you look at my blog right now you'll see that I already have a logo on there but I don't care for it at all :(

If you have any questions please let me know, Thank-you Nathalie Cameron

Library Lady said...

I would love a new logo for "The Library Lady Rants" at

There are descriptions of my family in the gutter of the site, and right now several photos of my family, if that helps.


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Thanks I like the logo a great deal.


Trang Vuong said...

I was thinking of two hands holding the heart instead of one. Also, I like the yellow tinge that emanates from the original version. Can you do that?

Tired Tunia said...

I'm not really sure. Books. Kids. Maybe a book worm?

I'm thinking of using the tag line of "Inching my way through life one page at a time." I have a public domain pic of an inchworm on a book. I can send it to you.

But really, I am open to suggestion. My husband is the one redesigning my blog for me.

Trang Vuong said...

Thank you very much for your help.
The latest version was more of what I had in mind.

How would you want me to give you credit for your work? Just Franco?

Teena said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Teena said...

Hi - love your work!

It's well and truly time I had a *real* logo, rather than the one I made myself, which is just words.

It will appear on Build A Website Tonight!

The one REALLY like is in the top left corner of this page -, without the background banner.

Something cartoony just like that computer, in purple and turquoise.

I've linked to you on my home page, and I look forward to seeing the results. I can mention you in my articles, thanks for this great opportunity!


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