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Logos for 19-11-2005

Less cartoony... if it' still not what you're looking for, let me know. Fixing the link issue would be highly appreciated.

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Frazzled enough?

Hair a little messier and frazzled?

Sorry, you don't get to be as cool looking as the slightlydrunk logo... you get the finger bitten by the baby mwehehehehe :-)
I still hope you like it though :(

To Intergrate in your blog, either get someone who knows how or give me temporary admin access to your blog so I can do it for you. My email is franco (at) nominimum (dot) com


macellaro said...

Wow - what a great deal. I saw your work on Nonsensical Flounderings... the logo caught my eye before the post about it being free did.

My site is at, and for what I envision... something like the slightly drunk logo you did - that actually looks quite like me. I'd like having a caricature as you've done with other sites.

As for colors - the site is generally white, black and dark blue, so I'll let your artistic skills be your guide. You're doing it for free, so who am I to tell you what to do. Feel free to contact me directly.

Diane said...


I have been admiring lots of artwork on people's blogs and wishing I could draw. So I thought I would jump in and request a couple of logos:

First is for DIARY OF A MAD CAT at I envision a cartoon of a cat scribbling into a book (using the same colours as my cat - gold/ginger).

The second is for my writing blog. WRITE ON TRACK at I write CHICK LIT so I would envision a young woman, writing implements, bright colours. Sorry, I am a bit vague on this one.

I can be contacted directly at disyc at

Thank you in anticipation.

Juanita said...

Hi, I'm currently developing a new movie website ( and I would like you to design a logo for my website. Here is the detials: Exotic Black Wonder Woman of 2005 and beyond. I just want a head shot of her as the logo. Her mission is to save movie fanatic's from critic's who are evil and review good films and disses them. You can also put your own twist on the design as well. I will also link to blog to promote your blog! THANK YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOU

Franco said...

Is your URL or
Also, could you point me in the direction of where you have put the link up?

PatM said...

HA. Awesome.

Cully said...

Hello Franco, I would love a logo for my blog site ( Its a blog about my work and travel in South Africa. I thought it would be cool to have the South African flag, and maybe the red AIDS ribbon, plus the name of the site Sanbona done in a cool font. But definately not anything too cartoony at all. Anyway, let me know if you need any help or more information. Will put a link to your site ASAP.


Library Lady said...

Looks alarmingly like me--except the hair is too straight and neat. And I wear glasses.

(On the other hand, I AM trying to stay anonymous!)

Seriously, any way to make me look more frazzled? That clip art I used is labeled stress and it really does fit me. Thanks!

Diane said...

Hi Franco,

Thanks for your designs.

Mad Cat looks good, if you can add a nose so that he looks more catlike, and cut off his tail - my poor cat lost his (and it seems odd looking at cat with a tail to represent him).

Then if you can tell me how I integrate this into my template?

With the Write on Track logo, I appreciate your effort, but I'm going to go for a complete new template of this blog.



Library Lady said...

Think I look ANGRY in that one. I don't want people to think I'm one of those mean ole librarians who goes SHH! all the time--at my job, usually it's ME getting shushed!

I still look too NEAT. I wish I could make my hair look like that!

Can we dump the words and do something with "Family. Books. Politics. Just Plain Kvetching"?
Not necessarily in a single line--it could be spread around or even on the diagonal.

Hope I'm not being too picky. Thanks!

Library Lady said...

I just passed some of my Ebay money onto you because I really like this logo!

I have been experimenting with using the logo as a blog header--in fact it's up right now, if you want to see how it looks.

Having done so I have two requests. Can you make the "Library Lady" bit in solid black, because I change the look of my blog every so often, and can I have a copy of the graphic without any of the text?

(I hope I am not being one of those pain in the neck people, but I suspect that I am!)

I am going to use the logo in my header and I am going to write a post extolling what you are doing here.

Thanks again and again!

Beck-n-Call said...

I love your logos. I added a link on my website (it is still in the building process) I would love a logo to go with it. I'd like it to say: "at your BECK-N-CALL" Beck-n-Call being the dominate words. I would really like some sort of "retro" design with a female...You can get an example of what I mean at THANKS ALOT IN ADVANCE

apex said...

Hello to all Apex Automation here!

Just started a new business and need a logo for promotional reasons.

My business is industrial manufacturing machinery. (Robots, conveyors, presses molding machines, and such. We design, build, integrate/install any and all types of machinery.

Here is a link to a web site that has a logo that I like.

I was thinking that the robot could possibly be putting the dot on the “ i “in the word automation

My second Idea would have the robot with a lighting bolt. The lighting bolt would be the second hash mark that makes the “ X “ (hope that makes sense) I would perfer this over the dotting the i idea.

My first use of the logo will be for screen-printed shirts. The shirts will be black with gold print. I was thinking just one color, however if you need to use two colors to pull it off that will be ok also.

What do you say can you fix me up with something??

I do not have a web site up and running yet but will have soon

Thanks in advance Apex Automation

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