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Logos for 09-11-2005

Here they are:

This one... not sure if it's what you wanted? :/... if not, let me know in the comments section and I'll try something else.


PoFigster said...'s not exactly what I envisioned - of course, as I admitted, my vision was very limited to start with :-P. Maybe if we switched the places of 'Plan' and 'Johnson' so 'Johnson' formed the base of the triangle? Also, maybe, I dunno how complicated it would be, but you know the famous drawing by Michalangelo of the guy with six arms? Maybe if we changed it to have the same basic form, but in each of the arms was something different? Like in one a dumbell, another a book, another money...something like that. Course, that's only three, maybe another could be a water bottle, a microphone and a cell phone? Again, I understand this is a free logo, and if it's too complicated, no biggie. If you want, you can e-mail me at Thanks! said...


Your blog is a featured blog at Conatact me with your email address and I will send you some details.

Franco said...

I tried 2 other versions... let me know and if not, I'll do something else... but I'm not sure that the guy with 6 arms would do a professional logo.. might be a bit busy... I couldn't find a picture of that drawing with a few searches.. if you could point me to that image of that... I could still give it a try

Franco said...


That's awesome! I'm honored :)
I'm not sure how to contact you, so hopefully you can see this. you can email me through my profile.

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