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Logos for 10-11-2005

Eccentric father... let's try it again, let me know if it's to your taste or not...

InMyHands... I did 2 versions cause I wasn't sure I like the first one but I'll let you decide... if you don't like either, let me know and perhaps what other direction I should take and I'll do another one...

Sorry I didn't see this attachement before so I didn't realize what you meant... Is this closer to what you're looking for?
Click for full size has a transparent background.


Irene said...

Hi F. Want something that takes what I have, sent you jpeg, or can see on my site under articles, & kicks it up a notch. Keep the little dancing folk. Is clipart, prob from microsoft office. Looking for funky, oriental font, etc to go with. = I =

Homer Jay said...

That's awesome! Thanks so much.

trgads said...


I would like to have a simple logo in blue and grey, which nicely replaces the default logo at . The logo should have something to do with articles. No photo, please. Something, which makes visitors smile. You are the pro, not me, so I am sure you know exactly what kind of logo would be perfect.

You can contact me at trgadcampaigns at yahoo dot com.

Thank you!

Franco said...

trgads.. no problem, please put a link up and I'll get to work on it.

Tired Tunia said...

Hi, you designed a logo for my hubby, eccentric father. Do you think you could do one for me? Let me know, that would be great! My main stuff is about books and kids, humorous stuff mainly (I hope!) So something along that line. Thanks

Maybe something with a petunia in it? But I'm not a real girly flowery type either.

Franco said...

sure, no problem, just put a link up and I'll get to work on it.

Tired Tunia said...

Oops. Here's the Link for Tired Tunia

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