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Logos for 08-11-2005

Here are today's logos:


PoFigster said...

Way cool! I really appreciate it! It's a way good logo! Say, if I add two more links to your site (from two different web sites, totally, can I get you to make another logo for me? This one would be for my site, The Johnson Plan. I really don't have any ideas as far as what the logo would look like, but here's what it's about. The Johnson Plan on the website is a book, but it'll be a specific program too, with trainers and all. It's not just a diet - it's a plan to help people change themselves for the better. I'm looking for a logo largly to use on shirts, hats and other accessories. I do see though, something along the lines of:

The Johnson Plan
It's a plan for life! (smaller text)

Any kind of related image would be helpful, of course. Maybe a triangle, or the greek letter delta, representing change. Thanks.

the website is

I'll add your link to the following pages.

Again, great work! Thanks a million!

Nick said...

Good stuff love them