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Logos for 07-11-05

As a side note... here is a quote from a visitor:

"where were you when I needed one when I was creating my brand? Just laid out $250cdn for mine"

This just goes to show the value offered here.. get your logo now :)

Todays logos are:


megaffiliates said...

Very cool. The design you came up with is really perfect for what I needed.

PoFigster said...

This sounds way awesome! I'm putting together a start-up company called KhanQuest Enterprises. Basically, my vision of it, was a mounted mongolian type soldier with a sword. The company itself is a consulting group, but the idea was an image of decisiveness (not bad spelling...eek!). I have a blog, it's for a book I'm writing, I'll post your link there for sure!

Nick said...

Hey real good stuff...some a good promotion tactic. Loving it!!!

If you get time to make one for my blog about the bare and whacky insights of the welsh world at .