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Logos for 06-11-2005

Here are today's logos... keep them coming...


Complicated Space said...

Wow...I like it! Awesome job!

Complicated Space said...

I forgot to sign up for your newletter to get the full size image, but I'm signed up now.

Complicated Space said...

I would like to overlay it on my header bar, and if it isn't too much trouble I'd like the white background to instead be transparent.


Franco said...


The 2nd one I just uploaded has a white background... these are full size, blogger didn't resize these so you can use these.

Irene said...

Cool logos France, where were you when I needed one when I was creating my brand? Just laid out $250cdn for mine. Thanks to "Sam" for sending me here. Please visit my site url: .Click on the article link & open one up.
If you think you can tickle i(my logo) up. please drop me a line, & let me kow. I will be mre than happy to add a site link. thanks, Irene

megaffiliates said...

Hi Franco,

I need a logo for and have posted a link there.

I'm really looking for a simple non-cartooney design, though I do like the black and white version of the Backyard Organic Farming design.

I'm not picky. I prefer a black and white image.


Complicated Space said...

Thanks for the second graphic. I'm sorry to bug you, but I wanted a graphic with a transparent background.

Franco said...

It was suppose to be transparent but blogger is putting a white background when I upload it :/
you can download it here:

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