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Free Logo Design for - 12th September 2007

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Dempsey said...

Great logo!

Wondering if you could make one for me? I'm making a site called 'Captain Contest' and am trying to get a logo with a superhero kind-of character with maybe CC on chest where superman has the 'S' and then just the text Captain Contest?

Scott W said...

I am doing a redesign of my blog at I will be using Blogger's Thisaway template as the basis and need a new banner/logo. I'd like the title font to be something similar to what I have now and to keep the "Stumbling" tag line. I'd also like to keep St. Benedict, but maybe have him writing, or on the computer. Thank you.

Ley said...

Hello Franco

I am a warrior and want my free logo to add in my blog of Acne



lemo said...

I was hoping for a website logo that has the following elements.

An abstract shape of Australia, which has in the centre of it an outline of an abalone shell which includes the ridges of the shell.
Ocean colours would be best.
Hoping someone can assist

Leila said...

I am starting a home cleaning business and would love to have a professional yet girly logo. The company name is kinda dull so wanted the logo to stand out a bit. Thank you SO much! :)

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