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Free Logo Design - 9th September 2007

Hello everyone! Here's is today's Free Logo Design winner!

As always, please click on the image for it's full size version.
Have any of you checked out my other sites, yet? It's been updated recently with some more free samples, would be nice to see some of you guys over there and just post a comment to say hi :-).

Please keep the free logo requests coming, I am doing more frequent updates now so there's never been a better time. It's free so you have nothing to lose? hesitate cause you really don't want to put a link to this blog? No problem, post your request anyways, I might just design it anyways :-).

FREE LOGOS Counter: 168
($16,800 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)
Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


valmg said...

I'm looking for a logo for my blog at The title is "I know EVERYTHING - just ask my hubby".
I've emailed you info.
I'll be happy to link to you permanently if you can come up with one.

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