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NEWS UPDATE + Custom Logo Design For 3rd September 2007

Hi Freelogo-ers... I've done a few re-arranging of the elements on this blog but have noticed a sharp decrease in logo requests since doing so, If some of you find this new design intimidating, confusing or just ugly, let me know please by email at or leave a comment :). I've dug through past requests and choosen the website to receive the free logo for today. He requested a similar logo than I did for another website, I've tried to make it different as requested, please let me know if it's to your taste :0)

Click for full size as always :)

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to share with you another website that I am launching it's called Mr. Free Stuff and it's an attempt to group together the best no-nonsense free trials, free samples, free services (like this site) - into one site (currently it's a blog, I plan to expand it soon. It would be great if some of you dropped by to say hello and leave a comment. A great deal of effort goes into finding only the real free stuff, non of those scams, tricks or never ending "steps" to get a "free" product, I am really going for quality with that site. My Girlfriend deserves the credit for finding these free things, I handle the design/technical side :).
So Please check it out, if you're here I guess you like free stuff so :) we try to update a few times a week so it's worth a bookmark or to add to your rss reader ( I add my to my igoogle page so I can see new postings as they come out :) ).

Also, we're going on 2 years with this free logo blog and I've had so much fun, met so many fellow bloggers / website owners that I am planning to make more free services sites such as these. I am debating whether I will request a link or not like this blog, I am leaning towards not requesting it and making it totally free with no strings attached - It would serve sort of a social experiment too, see what can be accomplish by helping others without expecting anything in return - that whole law of reciprocity concept :) - Plus I've enjoyed it here, link or no link, I do it because I enjoy it as a pastime.

Some of you might be new to this site and wonder who I am, my name's Franco and I'm a web developer who also does graphic design such as found on this blog.
here is a profile info on that feel describes my abilities well:
Also, here is my current blogspot blog (I'm planning to make another one on it's own domain but will always keep the blogspot one.

So here are some ideas I am juggling around for possible other free services sites and would appreciate the opinion of visitors such as YOU :)... please post your thoughts or email me at

-Free Custom banner design
-Free Custom header design
-Free Custom Blog template
-Free Custom Websites templates
-Free custom professional template designed in photoshop and sliced for output into a website/blog - with possibility of complete integration of the design into your website/blog also. This one is a lot of work and if any of you have ever purchased a custom template will know, it's expensive - just take a look at what it costs if you want to buy exclusive rights to a template on
-Free Consulting For Your Website / Blog - or planned web project. My specialties lie mostly in the building of sites from scratch, I specialize in taking a concept and making it a reality so with that said I would probably be most useful in consulting for the technical aspects of your website /blog but I am also slowly learning about marketing with web 2.0 and can give great suggestions on planning a web marketing strategy for your ideas.
-Free Script installation.

There are probably other ideas that will come to mind, if you have some ideas, let me know.

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Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


JoDee said...

Nice design I need another if at all possible to go on my site here

Jason said...

Greetings, been searching for some designers and found your blog. Its amazing how hard it is to find what you are looking for :/

Anyways, I'd love a header/logo for my little up-and-coming personal blog at Color wise I was thinking charcoalish, dark gray, but not completely blackness. I was thinking perhaps a starfield or something with a faint black hole type thing sucking stars and trails into it. Some way to visualize nothingness if thats at all possible. Or, whatever your logo-designing experience could lend tword a good graphic. Its gaurenteed to be better than anything I can come up with in GIMP :D

Thanks for considering me.

elund said...


I could use a badminton logo for my site Either with a racket or a shuttlecock or maybe both items ;-)

Best regards, Elund

Anonymous said...

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jennifer auston said...

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