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Free Blog Logo Design for 04-03-2007

Today's Free Custom Logo Design Winner is:

Special Thanks for giving a donation for the logo in the post below to
It is very much appreciated :) Please check out their site.

Keep the requests coming.
Everyone that participated and didn't get a logo this time, feel free to re-post your request or you can also get a logo done ASAP @ 75% off, just email me at franco (at) with your request and I'll be happy to assist you.

Although it's in no way obligatory, donations are very much appreciated whether is $5 or $100... I will send you a big thank you. Also, if you would like, I can make a post on the blog with your URL thanking you for your donations of $10 or more, that way you can have a link that will help your SEO (search engine optimization) and the link will be permanent in my archives and visible on the front page for a long time.
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JimmyB said...

Logo for:

Logo will go in place of the picture in the top left hand corner. Of a main colour of Red, possibly in some way connected with boxes.

Site Title: Noel Edmonds Fansite

Easterangel said...

Thank you so much for a great logo for Post Awards!

Gee said...


I would love a new logo for my web site.

I have a web design company called Whizz Designs. I would love something that could represent that "whizz" part, the idea of speed, fast etc.

Blues would be great if possible, I plan to redesign my site around my new logo.


BabiBlew said...

Hi Franco,
I was wondering if you could do me a logo with a baby blue crown as the background,in baby blue color of text and the text should read "Babi Blew"
and in smaller text"southwest Prince"

Thank You for this awsome service!!!

care4nature said...

Wow you are proffesional!!!
I can't beleieve you do logos for FREE!!!!
My website is,
if you can do something simular to the style of the page and the idea, that would be nice. Maybe you can have a balck leaf shape with a green paw inside of it with a blue black and green earth inside it, or something simular would be nice. Please try making something like my description and I will tell you to make changes otherwise. THANKS SO MUCH! I LOVE this website and your logos.

Darrell A. Williams said...

I think that this is such a great idea. I have placed a link for your site in my "Articles and Links" section of my blog -
I am starting a Virtual Assistant business called "Right-Hand-Man" with the tagline of "your virtual assistant(lowercase)" I am leaning towards blues and silver/grey for website colours so it will match the curent and upcoming blog. I am sure that anything you create will be awesome. I like anything with the 'right hand' or the 'man' kind of image or whatever.

quizmaster1830 said...

A free logo? OMG!!!

I organize a men's softball league in the Pittsburgh, PA area and could use a new logo for our website. (Penn Plum Monroe Sunday Softball League

A member has volunteered to redesign the site but he does not do graphics.

We are going to do reds and blues. Pittsburgh skyline? Three Rivers? Does not have to use full name.

Any help would be appreciated.


Darrell A. Williams said...

I've tried to create my own logo, but it didn't turn out the way I had hoped. You can see it at I like that it includes a stylized V and A for Virtual Assistant and that it kind of looks like a man, but it still looks so amature to me. HELP!!!

dermathias said...

Logo for

I need a stylish logo for my reggae and dancehall blog "lion inna cb". cb is a shortcut for my hometown cottbus in the eastern part of germany. the logo should include the colors green, yellow & black (for jamaica) oder red, green & yellow (for africa). it would be fine, if the logo could contain a lion and would be in a little bit vintage style.

many thanx for your help!

James Shott said...

Franco, I just wanted to return the visit to my site, Observations, that you stopped by the other day.

I don't need a logo right now, but who knows about the future?

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you'll come back to Observations and add your two cents to our (mostly) political discourse.

James Shott

JDR said...


Thanks for offering such a great service for free. We have added a link to your website:

We mainly focus on repairing iPods. We would like the main colors of the logo to be blue and silver/gray. Beyond that, we're flexible. We are a bunch of engineers that struggle with coming up with anything creative (as you can probably tell from our website).

Thanks again and please let us know if you need any additional information.

marina said...

Great logo, Franco :) *thumbs up*

Komail Noori said...

Great logo. I really like that.

Komail Noori
Web Site Design - SEO Expert

david said...

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One said...

Amazing service guys... logos for free!

Really awesome and would like to have a logo for my new business.

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