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Free Logo for 23-02-2007

Here is today's logo winner:

Keep the requests coming.
Everyone that participated and didn't get a logo this time, feel free to re-post your request or you can also get a logo done ASAP @ 75% off, just email me at franco (at) with your request and I'll be happy to assist you.

Although it's in now way obligatory, donations are very much appreciated whether is $5 or $100...
I will send you a big thank you. Also, if you would like, I can make a post on the blog with your URL thanking you for your donations of $10 or more, that way you can have a link that will help your SEO (search engine optimization) and the link will be permanent in my archives and visible on the front page for a long time.
To make a donations, use the "donation" button on the right, if you don't have a paypal account you can always email me if you want to send a cheque or money order, those are always nice to receive by mail :)

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Dempsey said...

Thanks!! thats Great!! i'm going to put that on the site now :D Thanks again :Dsxbmje

Easterangel said...

Hi! I hope you can make a logo for my blog called Post Awards!

The objective of this blog is to give recognition to the best blog post found throughout the day!

callejasassociates said...


Just starting my business and looking for ways to cut cost.

The name of my business is Callejas & Associates, it is a business support service specializing in English/Spanish translation-interpretation and Human Resources Virtual Assistant services.

A logo that would incorporate the flags of the US and Mexico would be great.

Thanks again and I will be crossing my fingers and toes.

Ruth Callejas, Bilingual Consultant
Callejas & Associates
Handling The Back Office,
Freeing You To Do Business

Billy said...

Love the website! I was hoping you could create a logo for my blog titled "The Organic Leadership Blog." It is about my leadership journey as I have just started my career after graduating college.

I would love to incorporate a vine and taking a jounrey into the logo. Thank you for the help.

Ea said...

business doing good, huh.. thanks for stopping by my blog, franco! cheers!


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