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Lack of updates

I appologize for the lack of updates... please keep the requests coming, I will be starting to update more regularly.


Joan said...

Allow me to be the first to say "welcome back".

Also I would like to request a logo for a new website for an existing group. The group is Job Developers Network - we are a "social group" of job developers, career or employment specialists that work together to share job leads and resources. All of us work for non-profits, schools or other organizations that work with people who need some extra assistance in finding a job. There is no parent organization, board or funding - we just work together.

I am in the process of designing a new website for I have no specific vision for a logo but do have some wants - business appropriate (for the suit & tie group), STRONG feeling (strength of the group vs the individual), easy to do color or b/w. You can contact me at jmershon at Gmail.

pureyo said...

I'd like to request my website logo as I already add your blog link to my home page alreaady at

So I want the logo that say "Yaheww!". Which my website is about Business Solution and Affiliate and I want the logo to be so funny not too serious also colorful too. You can put some cartoon in if you want.

Say in the bottom of the logo "We Guide your Business"

Thank you very much for the logo!
From Phichayut Pure Phinyo , Thailand

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