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Free Logo Design for 13-07-02006

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in updating... burried in projects. Keep the logo requests coming though.. not enough request lately :)

The winner for today is
taradab for the logo "DizzyDough"

Hope you like it :)
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Runner Up:
Contact me if you'd like a logo design at 75% off.


Amy Durham said...
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Paros Shepherd said...

I am preparing to move my blog from Blogger to my own domain using Wordpress.
I would like a logo that is clean and modern yet expresses the casual, friendly atmosphere of island life.
When I find what I want for the blog then I would pay for something similar for my money-earning site. You might get a better(or quicker) of idea of who we are on the site than the blog.


-t- said...

Hi Franco,

wow, that's a super opportunity for all us website owners, bloggers and hobby designers to finally receive a professional logo.

I would love to collect one for my blog Recommended at
As the name implies I recommend stuff - other blogs, websites, tools, programs and whathever else I find online.

The logo should contain the name, i.e. Recommended, if possible in the same font I've been using all along (Magneto). The essence of the graphic should be "picks", since that is what I do: I pick cool stuff which I discover online. It doesn't have to be flowers. Basically I'd like to have something straight, sharp and modern, rather than a girly / pink logo. So please don't let the current blog design inspire you! ;) Color choice any combination of pastel - blue / red / white (creme) / green or whathever you think fits best.
That's really all the details I can think of.

Thank you so much for this offer, it rocks!

Taradab said...

WooHoo, I won! Pinch me, I must be dreaming. The logo you did for me, Franco, absolutely rocks! I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am totally ecstatic, "YAY!"

PS: That lady in the logo looks just like me..."NOT!!!" Ha, ha. Have a good one, and good luck to everyone else still waiting for a logo. You're all in for something great. Like the saying goes: 'Good things come to those who wait'. YeeHaw!!

Porkrind said...

Great blog and way to generate business. I wish I had your skills. My blog is called "Porkrind's Grind" and it is about my horrible online poker skills and life in general. If possible I would like something cartoonish and funny that grabs the site surfer and says "You gotta read me".

Taradab said...

Porkrind, you say you want Franco to do something for you that will catch a surfers attention. Have you not noticed the 'name' of your blog, 'Porkrind's Grind', LOL? Hello, 'that' alone must be an attention grabber (and a good one). What a great name! I can hardly wait to see what happens if you get yourself a logo. My God, what a riot that would be. I am so going to check out your blog, poker player or not, hee, hee. Good luck to ya!

PS: BTW, you're right. Franco's skills are incredible. If you get yourself a logo, be prepared to be amazed...he's the best!

Steven Buchholz said...

This is pretty cool! I have food writing/cooking instruction blog. The title is Cook's Commoms. The slogan follows the title "...because everyone's in the kitchen" I need something not so pretentious and stuffy. I gotta have a great logo to complete the circle of a site.
Thanks a bunch,

The Audacious Muse said...

Hello, hello, I just made a post on my blog, showing this site and Franco's World as examples of bloggers who optimize the commercial (Ad Sense) and entrepreneural (your own business like logo designing) aspects of a blog. Good luck on your endeavor.

I am also looking for a logo for "The Mindful Muse™". Maybe a ink-bottle with a yin-yang on it and a quill or a very wide branch tree with a cloud that if a quill..?
The idea is to meditate and reflect on writing poetry.

Beth said...

I love the work you've done, I would love a free logo in exchange for some promotion. I own This Weeks' Gift Shoppe, and would love to use the slogan - "We take the guesswork out of gift giving!" I would love a logo of a wrapped present that has been put together like a puzzle.

Thank You,

Matt O. said...

Hey --

My blog is named "The Great Society" but I have no idea what you could use to make a logo for that.

I chose that name because I believe this country could be a Great Society.

What you could do with that, I don't know. I do want a white background.


Sandwich Repairman said...

Hi, I just came across a comment you'd left on my blog in November (the post was my proposed 2006 Democratic platform) offering to do a free logo for it. I really know nothing about website stuff or graphics...what kind of stuff can you do? The name Sandwich Repair Kit is meant to be surreal and mocking of commercialism (there's an explanation in my profile now), so I'm not sure there's a logo of that to be done? I can think of one pertaining to my dating dilemma. I suspect a lot of people would just find it self-pitying though. It would be a takeoff of a metaphor I came across in my feminist studies--there are various prison cell bars, and by itself, no single bar is much of an obstacle at all. But when you get a whole bunch of these bars at the same time, organized as an enclosure, it traps the person inside. I've thought of a logo like that, with each bar labeled as one of the things that seem to prevent me from dating but which I have no control over (being relatively short for example). This would take more discussion, but what do you think?

Sandwich Repairman said...

Matt, are you thinking of anything like LBJ's Great Society? Maybe some use of a rainbow, peace symbol...something that shows a diverse nation of people living in harmony and dignity?

Ponder said...

Reflections from the Pond is the name of my blog that I would like a logo for.

The link doesn't seem to work right,
but in the first post I explain where the name came from.

If you wander around a bit you can see that it is an eclectic mix of things I find interesting or funny or outrageous. If you happen across an avatar for "Ponder" (as in questioning/wondering with a play on words to bring it back to the pond of water) I would love that as well.

As others have said - I too plan on keeping the link up even if I do not win a logo. I think what you are doing is a great service to us, as well as building yourself an incredible portfolio.

Nathalie said...

I'd like to have one made for this site right here:

It doesn't have to be any specific colors because I am making this site as K.I.S.S as possible. It justa site for webmasters to get together and share links, advertise, etc.

I would like one that's 460x68 and if possible a 88x31 for affiliation?

Thanx Muchly,

Nathalie said...
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Aloha Coconut said...

My website is at
I maybe changing my site a bit based on the logo you create. Looking for something tropical definately. If it incorporates a coconut and something for the "Aloha" part like hawaiian, or a hibiscus or hula girl. Anything is possible! I appreciate this service!

Nigel said...

My sis and friends just started a Youth ConnectionX in Singapore, Tampines Acadia RC. YC mainly to set up to let more youth involve in community avtivities. I need help on the logo.

Youth ConnectionX

Thank you.

Head of Publicity

Anonymous said...

Hello. And how don you do? I must say that your work is nothin' short of D-Y-N-O-M-I-T-E! Believe that! Anyway, I did all 3 steps yesterday but not sure if I posted in the right spot. My Dad says sometimes that when they were handing out brains, I thought they said trains and got on the first one somokin'! I started a furniture assembly business from scratch a few months ago and really need a logo for both my website and business cards. Most of the stuff we do is Ikea furniture if that can give you any ideas. I want you to work your magic, becuz I saw what you can do and i'm confident that whatever you make with be nothin' short of the best. I placed a button on my website I also have 2 other sites that direct customers to my main site and would be more than happy to post your links there too. Let me know! Well, I hope this isn't a duplicate post, but if so, I am sorry. I just wanted to make sure you got my request. I want to thank you very much in advance. This is nothing short of a blessing. Have a wonderful week.

EZ Furniture Assembly

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Cheryl Summers said...

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