Latest Logo Designs

Here's the latest logo designs, you can navigate to see more with the link at the bottom of this page "Older posts":

Quick Note

Blogger is resizing the images when I post them, so if you want the bigger version, join the mailing list and I will send out an annoucement when I've created an area where all the logos will be available for download at the original sizes.
If you haven't requested your logo yet, do so! I'm getting busier and busier with this and might have to change the format to a daily drawing instead of honnoring every request everyday... there is a limit to the number of logos I can do daily :)
I love doing logos for free, specialy when the person really likes it :) Having a blast so far... thanks for visiting & requesting logos! Keep coming back and join the mailing list o be kept updated on changes & maybe new and free services I will start in the future.


J Anderson said...

Hey, could you do me a logo. I've linked to you at Webby's World in the blogroll drop-down menu.

Please note my blog is tech related, by a Brit and anti-MS, pro open-source.

EuroYank said...

My LOGO which was used as a header which you installed into my Blogger Blog completely disappeared. I was completely happy with it.

EuroYank said...

CORRECTION. I re-installed it from the your homepage address listed in your comment on my blog, and it works beautifully.