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Logos for 03-11-05

Here are today's logos... got alot to do today.. whew :)


Jessie said...

Thanks SO much- you were quick, too! The logo you designed for me is Perfect!!
If you ever need any reference...
thanks again,

Himself said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Thanks, It's lovley and will get much use! Bless you and your talents!

epiac1216 said...

I saw your offer and thought it was very kind on your behalf to help others with their logos.

I'm interested in a logo for my blog. The name of my blog is "Epiac's Place" as the main title and "Where Ideas are Born" as a subtitle.

My blog includes subjects like jokes, poems, computers, photos, gadgets, web browsers and world news. The primary goal is to promote critical thinking.

The background color of my blog is pale blue or baby blue. I leave it up to you for the combination of colors. I liked the Host Ghost you designed for one of your customers.

I will look forward to hear from you and your suggested logo. Thanks a bunch for your generosity.

Omar Upegui R.
Epiac's Place

bobbi jo said...

not sure which post to comment on so you're getting it twice.

I'm looking for a logo with a transparent background, with colors to match my site at

I would like it to be cartoonish and definately caffienated!

Franco said...

What is the URL of your blob?

Carol Matseoane said...

Hello again, Franco!

I love what you have done with eBiz Marketing One question, can you make it with a transparent background so that it blends in with my webite or any page I make in the future.

I currently want to use it for a white-background product page so that you have given me works perfectly.

Also, the logo is a little large and takes up too much space on my website. Can you make it a little smaller in height and a little longer in width?

I will be showing the logo in my blog with a recommendation and direct link to your site, in addition to the links on my website. There will be more links as I complete the website.

I am sending you a donation for your efforts. I greatly appreciate what you have done!

epiac1216 said...

Hello Franco:

I forgot to include the URL of Epiac's Place in my previous message. OOops. Sorry about that.

The URL is:

I would like to include one of your buttons in my blog as a link. Can you tell me the HTML code to copy/paste it?

If you need to contact me directly, my e-mail address is:

Once more, thanks a lot. I like your attitude of helping people for free.

BTW, the logos I've enjoyed the most are:

1. NonSensical-Flounderings
2. Big Article Directory
3. The Web Vender
4. Webby's Blog
5. A Host of Spirits (Excellent)


Omar Upegui R.

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